Just friend

November 15, 2016

    Just Friends is a common conflict many people are having between couples because many just want to be friends and others want to be more than friends. This story is
fiction i just made it up.The conflict takes place at a fancy restaurant at 7:00 pm on a Saturday, it is a cold kinda dark day, and it is going to be romantic. The girls name is
Karla and the boys name is David.

     It all started of as a regular school day but Karla and David have always been friend they snowed each other since 1st grade.Karla and David sit together because the teacher made a new sitting chart and randomly put them together.  Several days past they just talked but one day the teacher told the class that they were going to have a project with the partner sitting next to them it was going to be about planting a vegetable or fruit they would like.  They choose to do strawberries Many teens have Instagram,Facebook,snapchat (ect.) so they exchanged social media,and started communicating.

    They do they project together and go to each others house to the results of the strawberries.After the project they continue to chat almost everyday years and years past. They went to elementary,middle,and high school. Every valentine he would ask her to be his valentines and give her flowers and chocolate. For school dances he would ask her and they would go together. They never went out only like 1 a month but with other friends. He told his best friend that he liked herbs didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to take things too fast.

    Since middle school they talk on the phone and text everyday. The parents were ok because they saw them grow up together so they had no problem, they would even get together every once in a while to do a barbecue, go to the beach or just hang out, they were friends. She started to notice that he would text her everyday and things were normal he was very respectful to her.He would wake her up by text saying “Good morning” that was a everyday thing Monday to Friday and it was very nice of him also around 9:00 pm he would say “Good night” another good thing they wont text to late at night so things were ok.

    They started to grow up but everyone knew them as friends and nothing else. For middle school promotion he planned her a surprise party invited all her friends and family. Bought her and her family and his family tickets to go to Disneyland all together. After this party he started to invite her to out on the weekend every Saturday. They would go to different places together but always with other friends or family. Public display of affection (pda) starts happening like if they are walking around he is grabbing her hand or sometimes hugging but she never took it wrong buzz they were just friends.

    They don't live near each other like 10 min away, but their day is mostly texting each other. they both have good qualities.Karla is very nice, pretty and kind. David  is nice,handsome,king,lovely, and gentile. Karla's main goals are to finish high school. David has an important mission to do, ask karla out. They are know in 12 grade their last year of high school. Karla doesn't want to start a relationship because she doesn't want to get distracted and David want to be Karla’s boyfriend.

    Its a Saturday and David invite karla to go out like usually but tell her that today its just going to be them 2 and to dress nicely. She feels weird but she goes anyways.He told her that he would pick her up at 6:00. He gets at her house and 5:45 and ask to speak to her parents they talk but Karla doesn't know about what.

    He drives and drives but doesn't tell Karla were they are going its a surprise. The weather is kinda cold. They finally arrive after 30min drive. To a beautiful beach, they just walk around and talk about each other its start to get cold and since Karla dint bring a jacket David lets her use his.Later on they get in the car and drive 15min to a very fancy restaurant and order food. They finish eating and David tell karla he needs to tell her something important. He tells he this “I know you since 1st grade and we have been friends since we been threw good and bad and i wanna ask you if you wanna be my girlfriend” She is in shock and tell her what if we talk somewhere tomorrow. He gets kinda mad takes her home and doesn't text her that nigh nor wake her up.

    The next day he gets ready to talk and doesn't text her call the house phone and the mom answers the phone. Karla dint tell her mom what happened but they new because David told them before going out on Saturday.So he tells Karla's mom to tell karat that he would pick her up at 2:00pm. He arrives, They go to the park and talk.He tells that way is she thinking this too much they know each other for a long time. They talk for hours and hours he insisted to be his boyfriend she explain why she didn't want to yet.  They agree in to wait more time after high school.After the talk he takes her home.

    After the talk things went back to normal and just friends. They still text and talk everyday and just friend. The live happily ever after as just friends, who knows what will happen next

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