When that Sun goes Down

November 15, 2016
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Mary stood leaning on the door frame.  Her gaze was focused on the sunset. Her eyes were filled with tears. She tried to wipe them away but they just kept on coming.
Mary slowly straightened and whispered into the evening "Mother! Oh! Mother!"
Her whisper was broken by her tears. Mary slowly sat down on their porch steps and through her blurred tears looked on the sunset. Her thoughts slowly trailed back to the mornings developments.
Mary remembered waking up in the morning and thinking about the talk that her parents had the other day. She sat up, just then she heard the door open. Mary looked up to see her mother. Her mother walked to her bed and kissed her. Mary was astonished. Why did her mom have to do this in the morning. 
"Honey" she began, "I will miss you so much."
Mary looked confuse. Her mom wiped away her own tears. She bent down and hugged Mary close to her chest.
"My dear girl I will never forget you."  said her mom.
"What do you mean mother?" said Mary, hugging her mom. 
Her mom whipped away her tears and said, "My dear Mary I have to go. Your dad does not want me."
She pulled away from Mary and went for the door.
Mary out from bed and cried in pain, "Mom you can't leave me!"
"I know but I have to. Your dad is making me leave you." whispered Mary's mom slowly closing the door.
Mary feel on her knees in front of the door and cried until her dad came and said, "Honey it's okay you will live through it."
Mary pushed him aside and yelled, "No I  won't live through it!!"
Her dad didn't answer. He just slowly stood up and went into the kitchen. Mary refused to eat breakfast. She just sat and cried herself to sleep. Her dad went to work, but Mary was to worn out to go to school. When Mary's dad came from work he found her on the same place as he left her. She had cried herself to sleep. Mary sat at the kitchen table her head in her hands and her food untouched. Mary's dad dropped his work bag and sat down by Mary. She slowly awoke and lifted her head.
Mary's dad placed his hand on her shoulder and said, "Mary, honey are you okay."
Mary just nodded. She didn't feel like talking to anyone right now.
Mary slowly stood up and was about to leave when her dad said, "Mary, I would like to talk to you."
"Not now." was all that she could say as tears slowly started to run down her face.
Mary turned around and ran out of the kitchen. She ran into her room, and dropped into her bed. Her bed was still messy from the morning but Mary didn't care. She cried and cried until her dad called her to dinner.
When Mary said that she didn't want to eat her dad said, "Honey you just have to eat. You haven't ate since morning."
Mary didn't have the strength to argue so she just listened. After food she stood up and went into her room. After changing into something warmer Mary opened the front door and stood there, watching the sunset. She didn't notice that tears slowly started to run down her face.
Mary slowly got back from her painful memories. She stood up and walked toward the swing were her mom would like to sit and hold her in her lap as they slowly sailed through the sky. These memories were painful to remember and Mary started to cry. She sat on the swing and trying to remember all the good memories about her mother. The soft breeze slowly played with her hair. As Mary sat there she remembered many things about her mom. She remembered sitting on her mom's lap on a long ride to Florida, and ridding with her mom on a horse, and so much more.  This caused Mary to cry.
"Why had my dad made my mom leave." thought Mary as she slowly stopped to swing.
The sunset was gone and the darkness slowly started to fill the world with its mysteries. The city slowly started to fall asleep. All the lights in the houses were gone and everyone was in bed except for one lonely shadow that was slowly swinging in the darkness.

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