Long Shot review

November 6, 2016
By Anonymous

Readers will be in suspense and laughter when they read the middle school book where two kids need to work out their differences between them because they are both running for their student government and on the same basketball team. The idea of conflict is Pedro Morales and Ned Hancock are basketball teammates and decided to run against each other and there was contention between them till the election. Then Pedro ended up winning the election and ned apologized and they became friends again.

The arguments and between Ned and Pedro are the funniest thing ever. I liked the basketball parts of the book when they are playing on the court. They are so intense and are so funny because they are basically arguing on the court it is so funny. I didn’t like the parts where they would bully each other so to speak. They are the best of friends on the court but outside of the court they are like arch enemies.

The rising action is when they were playing a pickup game and it was tied up at 9 and they needed one point and and Pedro passed it to Ned and shot it and they one the game. The conflict of the story is a man vs man when Pedro was fighting with Joe about if he was friends with Pedro or not. The setting of the story is in Vernon, New York,  Pedro’s house, Vernon Middle School gym, Vernon Middle School are all the settings of the story. 

Most younger kids to pre teens will be interested in this sport and the story because it applies to them. They are in that age where they are in middle school and sports kinda start to matter and they have Student Body Officers. The readers will also appreciate the humor in this book and the fact they it teaches you that bullying is wrong it doesn’t come out and say that but it mentions it.

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