Blazing Rifles

March 5, 2009
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'There,' I said to my teammate, 'that will hold, for awhile at least.'

'Thank you.' He replied stretching his bandaged arm.

'Not a problem.' I said putting the gauze in my portable first aid kit and strapping it to my right leg. Suddenly I heard the team leader call

'Ace!' I ran and got to the team captain in five seconds flat. 'Ace, I have heard that you and this new recruit have a past together. So I am putting him with your team.'
Please tell me he is not talking about' I thought but the team captain cut into my thoughts when he called 'Zack, get your hide in hear now!'

'Zack' I couldn't help but be confusion as my childhood friend walked in to the small gray tent.

'Ace?' Zack said sounding as if he didn't know I would be on his new team.
'Hello, Zack.' I said calmly sticking out my hand so we could shake hands.

'Hello, Ace.' He said taking my hand and shaking it. 'How have you been? You look well. How long has it been? A year, I think, right?'
I said. 'Yes one year give or take.' He said 'Ya.' I said thinking back to our first live round training mission.

***** * *****
'Let's go people!' Trix (the old team leader) Said. 'YES, SIR!' Gama Squad said.

'Lock and load, Ace.'
'Roger that.' I said grabbing the standard issue sniper rifle and got into the tree to our right.
As soon as I looked through the scope I saw the other 'team' of training robots, but they had there sniper looking the other way.
I was watching them when suddenly an Opus 2900 tank shot at the base and blew it to shreds.
'Ace to Trix! We have a problem! The A new life form is attacking the Delta base they need some help now!'

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ShadowReader said...
May 13, 2009 at 3:56 pm
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