The Nest

November 2, 2016
By , Louisville, KY

It was a bright and beautiful day. Me and my best friend Josh, who I met in the 3rd grade thanks to our similar sense of adventure, were out riding our bikes. It was just like any normal day, until we rode past this road neither of us had ever been down. It was lined with trees, lots and lots of trees. The road itself looked like it was almost freshly paved. Curiosity kills us both, so we start to head down this road.
“Hey Josh?”
“Yeah Sam?” said Josh,
“Is it just me, or is it getting dark?” I questioned,
“No way, we just left our houses like a half hour.” Josh responded.
But I was right, it was getting really dark. As we rode down this street it got darker, and darker, and darker. I got so dark to the point where almost neither of us could see. We come prepared however; we took out a couple of flashlights we had in our pockets. We eventually reached the end of the street, it was a hospital, an old hospital. It was so old that there were vines growing up the side and it had two very menacing and creepy gargoyles and creepy gargoyles. They had both made me really uneasy. They looked in really good shape for this old, decrepit building. But with Josh, it really made him eager to explore. I was not.

We go in through the front door because there was really no other entrance. The inside was a wreck, like a mini twister came through and wrecked everything. Chairs were flipped upside-down, and the tables were sideways. A shiver goes down my spine. I have that feeling that we are being watched. It is that feeling where you just want to shake it off but you can’t.
“Do you have that feeling?” I asked,
“Yeah I do. Keep an eye out.” Josh says.
We look around but we don’t see anything unusual. Just an old building that was tore up, spider webs all over the place, concrete tiling, wallpaper peeling off the wall. We’ve been through this a hundred times but I’ve never had this feeling I’ve never had this feeling that I’ve been having at that moment. It is almost like the building is coming alive. I want to turn back and leave, but I know if I do then Josh won’t let e live it down. I ask anyway.
“Do you think we should turn back?” I asked,
“Why, are you scared?” josh says.
He is mocking me.
“No, I am just feeling a little uneasy.” I said,
“Oh come on, the most uneasy thing here is the amount of spider webs there are.”
He wasn’t wrong, there are a lot of spider webs, some of them abnormally big. A spider lands on my shoulder. I look over and shake it off. We have been going down this hallway and the more webs I see, the bigger they get. I see one web that has a weird glow to it.
“Josh check this out, this one glows.” I said,
“I dare you to touch it.” Josh dares me but I do not want to,
“Oh come on man, just do it!” Josh screams.
I reach out to touch this mysterious web, but my hand goes through it. Josh starts to think we are being played with. We continue moving while he hopes to find this “funny man”, I think he is being too rash. We meet a 30-foot-tall spider that is almost completely transparent with a bright green glow. Its legs are huge, the hairs on it are as big as basketball players. The spider is so hairy that it could start a coat factory. The spider somehow roars. I almost wet myself, but I look over at Josh and he is fearless.
“Alright come out here you funny man. We are not afraid of thAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!”
……Josh was eaten. My best friend was eaten by a 30-foot-tall spider. I have no idea how to react to this until it starts to move toward me. I run, run as fast as I can. Down the hall, take a left, it follows close behind. I make it to the door. It is shut. I try to pull it open, but it is locked. I try as hard as I can to open it. I can feel my heart pounding so hard that it feels like it is going to burst through my chest. I pull as hard as I can, until I see nothing but black.

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