Bound to the Fall (Preview)

November 2, 2016
By BIueTay BRONZE, Indio, California
BIueTay BRONZE, Indio, California
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Favorite Quote:
Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming.
-Tom Hiddleston

Everything was white, ash was falling from the sky. Cap opened her eyes, everyone was gone. She was lying in the rubble that was building A of sector 1. Operation Chameleon had failed, and they had lost. Two white soldiers came marching towards Cap, carrying bright white M4s. As they approached, Cap tried to get up and run, the ringing in her ears getting louder, one of them shot her in the back of the thigh. She hit the ground with a loud thud. Each soldier grabbed an arm, she flailed her arms and tried to fight for freedom. She was then knocked out.
Ace was hiding inside one of the vacant lockers. She tried to access the map of the building on her UL but it kept crashing. She was on her own to escape, she didn't know where anyone was. Cap could usually help her get out, Jordan could help her keep her head and Maximoff could give her orders to ensure she wouldn't screw up, but no one was here except for her. She let out a heavy sigh and peeked through the bullet holes in the door. She saw a window, she had checked her belt and she still had a little rope left, better make it count. She burst through the locker, tied the rope to a nearby post and jumped out the window.
Pluto couldn’t feel any of his limbs, as he opened eyes he noticed he was on an operating table. He knew what this meant, they had lost. Their plan had failed and now they were going to kill him. A surgeon had walked into the room as well as a general.
“Well look who’s finally awake. I hope you had a nice nap, excuse me for a moment will you?” The surgeon said walking towards the general. “He is an exquisite subject, now would you like me to use the T620 or the newer model?”
“The newer model would benefit this young soldier much better, he has too much freedom in his eyes.”
“Great choice sir, but remember his training may be different from the others due to the fact that the X431 is still being tested, hopefully he will be the first successful case.”
“Oh this one’s different than the others, I’m sure he will be.” The general left the room and the surgeon had walked over to Pluto. “Now this may hurt, a lot.”
Jordan woke up in the middle of a white room, handcuffed to a chair. This could only mean one thing, they wanted him. A man wearing a black suit with a red tie had walked in with a glass of water. He had stood behind Jordan and removed the handcuffs from his wrists with a single press of a button.
“I bet you’re thirsty, are you not Mr. Newman?” He asked. Jordan reached over the table and held the water, observing it and then looking at the man.
“There’s nothing in it, it’s just water.” Jordan then chugged the entire glass in one go, he slammed the cup on the table and began panting.
“My name is Agent Wilson, I’m here to offer you a job that could save your life and the life of your associates. This job-”
“No. I won’t take it, you think you can get me to work for you because you have me? I would rather die than work for you assholes!” Jordan spit on the ground.
“Now was that really necessary Mr. Newman?” The man grabbed Jordan by the chin and made him face the television. Jordan saw Cap, she was unconscious and  tied by her wrists above a pool of hydrofluoric acid.
“CAP!” shouted Jordan.
“She can’t hear you Mr. Newman, now we need some important information on the L.P.T so that we don’t have another incident like this again. Either you take this position or we kill her while you watch, then you. What will it be Mr. Newman?”
Randy had his arm around Ronnie’s shoulder, or what was left of it, the white knights had blown off Ronnie’s arm up to the shoulder and he had broken a couple of ribs trying to avoid getting blown up. The boys limped into the desert, out of the Holy Land. Ronnie had seen one of their vehicles in the distance, he put Randy onto the ground and ran to it. Ronnie had to hotwire the car to get it working, as soon as he did he drove quickly towards Randy but being careful not to run him over. He put Randy in the front seat and drove off into the moonlit horizon. This would be the last time the Vinerre brothers would ever travel on a mission together.

The author's comments:

This is for a book I will be writing, this is the opening to chapter one and I am really proud of this piece so far. 

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