The laughing hyenas save the day!

March 5, 2009
By Slasher BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Slasher BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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Turkey is amazing. The Lynx, wolf, bear, fox, Hyena, and Jackal are some of the main carnivores in Turkey. The Gazelle, deer, and wild boar are the main herbivores in Turkey. About 99% of Turkey is Moslem. The rest are Orthodox, Christians, Gregorian Christians, Catholic, Suryani, and Jews. Turks eat bread, pastries, and pancakes. Many kids love to play football here.One day a very large Lion pack was wandering the grassy plains of Turkey. The alpha male or the leader of the pack saw a group of elk. They all sprinted at the elk, but there were a few stragglers. The stragglers names were Elaine, Sindy, John, and Casey. They were all cubs and were not fast enough to stay up with the pack. They were all lost. They had next to no hope on surviving the harsh climate of the plains of turkey. They knew that their top predator was the spotted Hyena. They couldn't hunt for themselves yet so they wouldn't last long even if Hyena's didn't find them.

All of the sudden out of know where came a huge dust cloud. They thought it was a dust storm so they freaked out. They thought they were going to die. They were too tired to do anything though so they just stood there. It was coming so fast and they could tell it wasn't going to stop for them. When it was about twenty feet away it slammed on its breaks and all of the dust stopped. Now they could here blasting music. It sounded like rap. They walked over to it and it appeared to be a bus. The bus driver Jarred opened the door to the bus. He said 'Hey swizzy wuz up'

Immediately all of the cubs thought they were toast. This was because Jarred and his friend Jango were Hyena's! A regular hyena has an incredibly powerful jaw and front legs. This jaw can crush through bones. These two hyena's however were not your ordinary hyena. They were rock hyena's on the road for a rock concert.

Jango immediately yelled over the roar of the engine 'Hop in slim doggy, we won't hurt you.' The cubs had nearly no choice so they climbed in. Immediately Elaine said 'Whats that horrid stench.'
'Oh thats just our paste we use to mark our territory it will go away after a while' Exclaimed Jarred in his very eerie laugh.

'Help yourself to snacks and drinks in the back. We've got Coke products, Rootbeer, Ginger ale, pretty much you name it and we got it. Also for snacks we've got five course meals, all the way to white chocolate Mousse. Anything you want is yours.'

'Where will we be taken you today' asked Jango

'Well we kind of got separated from our pack so if we could just drive around for a little while and see if we can find them that would be nice?' asked John

'Whatever you guys want we've got a couple of days to spare so we'll see what we can do' Jarred said

'We also have some movies in the back so if you would like to watch one thats fine' said Jarred

'If you press the red button on the arm rest it converts your seat into a bed so that might help' Exclaimed Jango

All night long the lion cubs slept while the hyenas were constantly searching for the lion cubs pack. When they woke up in the morning they still had no luck. Two more days went by with no luck so they started to lose hope. Finally on the very last day that the hyenas would drive them around they spotted the pack. Finally they were home. They spent a few hours saying goodbye, then the pack left.

The hyenas then rested for a little while. Then they got back on the road. They got

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Hi I am a beast..... watch out for Bouncing Betty

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