November 1, 2016
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The town of Wakefield was calm with a small breeze in the air. Nothing too major occurred there, and not many knew of its existence. A farmer living in the town, named John, owned a farm and took care of his animals. One of his pigs named Charles, was old and close to his death. It barely ate and walked like an old man. The next day, John woke up to find that Charles had died. He felt heartbroken since Charles was the animal that’s been around the longest. It was his favorite of all the animals he owned. John started reminiscing about the first time he got Charles. John was at a county fair where there was a contest on guessing the weight of a pig, and you could take it home. John won that contest and brought it home to his other animals. He decided to make a grave on his farm, to honor Charles. John went back inside his house to think about more of his favorite memories with Charles. In the middle of that day it started sprinkling rain. As the sprinkling went on, in began to turn into pouring rain. The sky was getting getting dark like a shadow with more and more rain clouds forming up angrily. Loud rumbles of thunder could be heard like a stomach craving for food and violent lightning could be seen flashing in the sky. Everyone outside, quickly made it to their cars and eventually to their houses. Lightning striked Charles’s grave. On the grave, dirt was getting undug with pieces that flew into the air. Two of each hooves were scratching the dirt to get out and popped its head out. It kept struggling to get out of the ground by trying to push itself out. It moved some more dirt around it and emerged out with a small jump. It started squealing for brains like a person going insane. John heard the squealing from inside his house and it sounded familiar to him. He ran outside and exclaimed, “You’re alive!” John took a closer look at him but he was different. Charles was all green with blood red eyes, sharp teeth, and holes in him that you could see blood and his bones. John stared at him in awe, wondering how Charles came back to life. It ran after John while squealing, and he darted to his door. He grabbed his phone while breathing hard, and called animal control. He told them that his pig was trying to attack him. Charles went towards some of the other animals and bit into a sheep’s head. He took off a huge chunk of it and blood spilled down the sheep’s body. It went for the brain and ate it by pieces. Animal control eventually arrived and stopped their van in front of the farm. Two men got out of the vehicle and immediately noticed their target. They took out their nets which was made out of burly thread, so nothing at all could escape. Both men ran towards the pig before it could try and eat another brain. One of the men went behind the pig and poked it with the other end of the net. Charles turned around, grabbed the end of the net with his mouth, and pulled it towards him. The man was wrestling to pull the net, but Charles had a strong grip on it. It kept pulling the net more and more, and the man was being pulled, with his foot hitting a rock and tripping over it. The man fumbled to the ground and Charles munched into the man’s head and went for his brain. John was watching the whole event transpire through his window. He was disgusted by Charles and couldn’t believe that such a well behaved and kind pig would do such a thing. Charles finished up eating the brain and dashed to the other man. The other man was standing still and didn’t move when Charles was running after him. He stayed still until the pig was close to him and put his net in front of himself. Charles ended up running into the net and the man went to the van, and put the pig in a cage. John thanked the man and called the hospital to pick up the other man’s body and the sheep’s as well. He was very pleased to have Charles gone, even though he had a strong connection to him.

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