The Secret

November 4, 2016

Trying to sleep through the dark, stormy night, Madison heard a knock on her bedroom door.
When Madison opened her bedroom door nobody was there then she heard a little girl’s voice say I need to tell you a secret. Then Madison shut her bedroom door and thought she was just hearing things. Then when she tried to go back to sleep,but then out of nowhere she heard a little girl whisper I need to tell you a secret. When she opened her eyes she saw a transparent image of a little girl. Then Madison hid under her blanket, and when she looked the girl was gone. That morning she left her mansion and went to school and told her friend Liz about what happened.
“I don’t believe you,” Liz says to Madison.
Madison, as angry as a bear,  walks away. That night when Madison tries to go to sleep she hears the same voice, but this time it sounds a bit more desperate. Then out of nowhere the blanket gets pulled off of her. She feels someone touch her.
Then she screams, “leave me alone.”
Then the next morning when she’s brushing her teeth she sees the same transparent girl in the mirror staring at her.
“What do you want,” Madison asks bravely to the figure.
Then the figure says, “I want to tell you a secret.”
Then the figure vanishes in thin air. Then that same night Madison hears footsteps. Then all of a sudden her bedroom door knob starts turning. Next the door is open and the figure steps in. The figure is no longer transparent, it just looks like a little girl.
“I need to tell you a secret,” she says.
Madison says,”Yea I know you’ve told me this already spit it out.”
The little girl, a ghost, smirks and says, ”I’m your little sister I died when I was five and Mom and Dad did not want to tell you.”
Then the little ghost girls apologizes to Madison for scaring her then proceeds to disappear. The next morning Madison asks her parents if she has a sister. Her parents says yes it’s about time we tell you the truth. Your sister's name was Molly ,she died from cancer. Then that night Madison was sitting in her room with the light on, and the figure of her sister appears again.
Molly says, ”Goodbye sister it was nice meeting you, I hope to see you when you’re dead, love you.”

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