Party Too Hard

November 3, 2016
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Alexandra is 17 years old, she was born in the United States. Her mother and father divorced when she was 13, Alexandra acted different and often looked sad. Alexandra is always out of her house with her friends somewhere. In school, Alexandra had very good grades, but she sometimes she goofs off in class too much. Alexandra had been invited to a party and all of her friends were going.

Alexandra’s mom Lily said she couldn’t go because Lily needed Alexandra’s help, but Alexandra just knew she had to go to that party. 6:30 am, Friday: ‘I can’t wait until school is over,’ Alexandra said to herself. Alexandra was really excited for the party later that day, but she remembered what Lily had said. Alexandra brushes her teeth, takes a shower, then puts some clothes on for school. Even though Lily had told her, Alexandra still got her clothes ready for the party, Alexandra thought in her head how she was going to the party. Alexandra gets a text from her friend saying if she is going to the party, Alexandra replied and said that she is going but her mom Lily said that Alexandra couldn’t go
‘Don’t be late to school,’ Lily said. Alexandra rushes downstairs to eat breakfast. Alexandra speeds out of the house really excited to go the party. Alexandra gets to school and thinks in her head that she has to be good in school if she wants to go to the party. Usually in first period Alexandra takes a nap to have enough energy for the rest of the day, but she couldn’t and Alexandra knew she was going to be sleepy the rest of the day. Alexandra tells all of her friends about the party and all of her friends were going to the party after school.
While Alexandra is in class she decides to text her best friend and the first thing she says is about the party. Alexandra’s teacher saw Alexandra on her phone but decided not to say anything as a warning. Alexandra is texting her friend about what she is going to wear to the party.
‘‘I’m wearing my favorite dress,’’ Alexandra replies. Alexandra was texting her best friend all period long without doing any of her work in her class.
‘‘Give me your phone!’’ Alexandra’s teacher says angrily. Alexandra gives her teacher her phone and walks out of class because she is angry and slams the door very hard. The next period Alexandra is in excellence building. Alexandra had to do her work from the class she didn’t do her work in, but Alexandra decides to sleep instead of doing it. Lily receives a phone call from the school and is not very happy about it.
Alexandra got off of the bus and went home and took a shower. While Alexandra is taking a shower the lights flicker on and off.
‘‘Ahhh!’’ Alexandra screams.
‘‘Why is the faucet on?’’
Lily arrives at home and says ‘‘What were you thinking young lady?’’
Alexandra and lily argue for about 20 minutes. Lily tells Alexandra that she is not going to the party. Alexandra goes in her room and gets ready for the party anyway. Alexandra leaves the house and goes to the party and Lily doesn’t notice Alexandra and her friends party all night long. One of Alexandra’s friends starts acting weird and said really weird things. The girl runs off somewhere and Alexandra and her friends jump in a car and follows her. They find the girl in Alexandra’s house and they find Lily dead, the next morning nobody was to be found.

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