the cure

November 3, 2016
By , louisiville, KY

Once there was boy that had the power to change the worlds curse as we knew it. A bound from a witch from early 1600s. The boy had extraordinary powers to reveal a cure for the plague. The boy was around eleven no one really knew the kid but rumors persuade us other wise of his true intentions with these abilities’.

The boy had a name lost but not forgotten he was actually older than any one they began to notice he didn’t age a day the struggle raged on as the plague is conquering all. There was no way to avoid the many diseases that were caught. Deadly and very painful to the body the abrasions were odd everything was odd to these new circumstance caused by the witch many doctors tried their best to help but even they were overwhelmed and eventually bowed down to the cruel witch. The boy got ahead of himself to get his goal to die but even witches don’t keep on their bargain boy as long as he doesn’t interfere he could make a promise to make him mortal the naïve boy no or less. Thought as an opportunity but forgetting what the witch has caused she left village, castles, kings at her wake of her power to obtain her manipulative games
The boy started from nothing but greed his powers halted that power he once tried to obtain also was the doom of his down fall he took the deal but as soon as he turned immortal he instantly turned to decay the witch began her laughter knowing there was nothing funny but the boy also got vengeance he revealed her secret lair and was overrun by what’s left of today’s world.  in the end the boy got free and the witch never got her doings done with her work she continually strides to cast pain across the world to world domination one victim was blister to unrecognizable blood pool to that could fill an empty lake and dark virus that began the spread to others. But in the late 1800 s she was cast to hell for eternity by a descendant from the famous boy. I guess that it all played out.

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