In Search of Eden

November 3, 2016

After several years of deep sleep, he was woken by the machine which signaled to him that the planet was close. However, part of him hesitated when he got up to leave his chambers; he couldn’t stand facing the empty coldness of space. He suddenly remembered why he was here.
He remembered her voice, her face, her gentle manner. A deep pain rose in his chest as he remembered her and sank to the floor . She always talked of her summers on this planet where she grew up and how she longed to return one day. She talked of hills and valleys painted green and speckled with flowers, and of crashing oceans and booming storms. She spoke of singing birds and skipping lambs and life covering every inch of the earth. As she got sick she became unable to leave her own bed and she only longed for her home more. She promised that one day, after the cruelty and war they would escape there and be happy. He wanted it too, however, there was little chance of anyone near the war surviving, and one day, as if into thin air, she had disappeared. He knew where she would be.

So he traveled for years looking for her home and now he was here. Stepping off the ship he noticed the flat landscape and dim sky. He looked around only to see that everything was monochromatic. He saw no flowers, no hills, no valleys. The planet appeared to be as dry as a bone. He heard no birds, in fact, he heard nothing at all. There was no life to be seen. He thought that, surely, this couldn't be it. He scanned every inch of the planet and still found nothing, not even ruins of the eden she spoke of. For months he searched in hope of finding her and the beauty she longed for. One day he had a thought, she made it all up. The thought that it was all a mere myth consumed him, he began to resent her, she had abandoned him in this wretched world. This planet was nothing but an empty promise so he set out to destroy it.

In his ship, he flew high above the planet and tried to think of a plan. It has to be equipped with some form of weapon, he thought. It was. It had an explosive powerful enough to blow up half the planet and that was good enough for him. He was ready to launch it when suddenly the lights throughout the ship were cut. A deafening alarm rang and the red emergency lights flashed. He soon realized  the ship was in free fall. He tried to act fast but he had never prepared for this, he cursed himself for never being a good pilot. There was no escape pods, no way to stop the ship in its’ descent, no way out.  The ground beneath was soon approaching and in all of his panicking he lost consciousness before he even made impact.
When he woke he was surrounded by a lush forest, the smell of flowers, and the sound of birds and rushing water, and she was sitting next to him. She smiled and held her hand to his cheek. “I'm so glad you're here.”

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