60's Heartache

October 25, 2016
By , Erie, CO

The year was 1967. A young man named Geofri was living a peaceful life working for his father at an auto parts store in New Orleans. His father had owned the store for longer than Geofri had been alive. Never had they had any problems with any customers or anyone in the community until one of Geofri’s colleagues from high school came into the shop. The kid’s name was Butch. Butch stormed into the shop demanding the money he was owed from Geofri’s dad. Gefori had no idea what money Butch was talking about but he knew that his father didn’t have it. Butch gave Geofri and his father 2 weeks to come up with the money or he was going to set the auto parts store into flames.

Geofri had to start somewhere. He decided the easiest way to make the money would also be illegal. He knew of people in his his neighborhood that had jobs selling amphetamines that could get him the necessary amount of money in much under 2 weeks. The jobs he was running were very dangerous and could get him stuck in prison for most of his life. But he was determined to keep his dad’s shop afloat. He was able to make the money in only one week. The week consisted of dealing with sketchy addicts and hiding from the police during the latest and earliest hours of the day.

Upon returning to the shop on the monday after being threatened by Butch, Geofri broke the news to his dad that he finally had the money to pay Butch and get him off of their backs forever. His dad was happy with the news that he didn’t have to worry about the life of his shop anymore. But he wasn’t happy with the dangers his son had put himself into and he felt the blame because if it wasn’t for his woes, his son wouldn’t have had to be in that situation in the first place.  

Geofri made his way to Butch’s home which was filled with gang members. He asked around for Butch and was told to get out of the house immediately by all of the gang members in the home and never got a clear answer as to why. He was never able to find Butch to give him the money and save his father’s shop. But the shop was never burned to the ground as Butch had threatened. That was because the day after Butch marched in with his demands he was shot and killed in a local gang battle.

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