The Prophecy of Charles

October 25, 2016
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The date is October 31, 2096.  It is Halloween.  Former WWE wrestler John Cena is informed at 3 am of a threat to his life as well as all of his followers.  He lives in his operation headquarters on top of Mount Fuji, in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.  He is currently 120 years old but modern technology and medicine has done him very well.  He is the leader of an operation targeted to fight the Illuminati.  The Illuminati is a secret, very powerful, and corrupt organization.  Cena’s army consists of Japanese men, women, and children.  These people are armed with weapons such as: knives, throwing stars, spears, swords, etc. , as well as martial arts.  All of these people are willing to die for John Cena and his operation’s cause.  After a successful mission, the Illuminati soon realized that they were a threat to their own cause.

Back in government labs, the Illuminati was creating their secret weapon: Charles.  Charles was a normal african-american man, until he was abducted and genetically mutated by the Illuminati.  They turned him into a monster.  He grew about 2 feet and became a 8 ft and 800 pound man.  His skin was also made bulletproof.  His only weakness is extreme heat.  On top of this, the Illuminati also armed Charles with an army of U.S Marine Corp combat robots.  Due to the corruption in the U.S government, most of the military weapons owned by the  U.S were made in Japan.  Meanwhile, the Japanese were able to find weaknesses in the robot army and attack them more efficiently than anyone else.

Today, the day that Cena strategically planned to be the day of the battle, was Halloween.  Cena chose this day because it would throw off the identification system of the robots.  Under all of these conditions would only giving Cena’s operation even have the slightest chance to prevail.  A Japanese neighborhood would be the place in which the battle took place.  The Japanese began their attack by waiting for the robots to come while hiding in the houses. The robots were confused when they couldn’t find anyone.  Suddenly, someone screamed something in Japanese, and an entire armed Japanese army swarmed the robots to take the lead.  Many noble Japanese men, women, and children's lives were then sacrificed for a great cause.  Miraculously, Cena’s army prevailed, which left only Charles to go.  Charles found Cena waiting in his own backyard, on the top of Mount Fuji. 

Cena was smoking a Cuban cigar when Charles finally confronted him.  They battled neck and neck, until, Mount Fuji suddenly erupted for the first time since 1707.  After the Japanese won their part of the battle, they discovered that Charles’ only weakness is extreme heat.  Then, they quickly assembled a futuristic device that would erupt Mount Fuji and kill Charles.  As the fiery ashes consumed Charles, the entire country of Japan celebrated like never before.  Charles was left to die, but the lava didn’t completely kill him.  The next day, the Japanese went to take Charles’ body and bury him, but he was nowhere to be found…

In the future, we as a society need to remain in control of our democracies, or there could be terrible consequences.  While the government was corrupt, the Japanese had a lot of control of the situation.  If we see injustice in our society we need to come together and fight just like the Japanese.  Good always has it’s own advantages, but bad sometimes does not completely go away.  Even if we fix a corrupt society as a democracy, bad things can always linger and become stronger, such as Charles.

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