Dying Alone

March 4, 2009
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My sight started to fail me; my limbs giving out. 'Love!' I cried out for. Wanting nothing more than the warm sensation of another's hand pressed against mine, lulling soft words in my ear to calm me down. To have someone to get me a glass of water to subdue the metallic like taste that had formed in my mouth. And to have someone there, to tuck me into a warm blanket to protect me from cold hardness of the floor beneath me. I tried desperately to reach for the carpet that was just barely farther than my grasp. 'John!' I cried out my late husband's name, as I went into a world that was completely quiet.

'Well that was corny.' I said laughingly. 'I mean, how she could be lonely when there were people standing right by her to the side of the stage. She really is going blind!' I said, taking a bite out of the piece of chocolate I had bought. Looking around me I quickly walked out of the theatre to avoid the evil stares that could have soon started a problem.

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joslin P. said...
Apr. 29, 2009 at 3:06 pm
this is so cool lol good job
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