The Scarlet letter

November 4, 2016

The big clock in the middle of the island went off for the last time for the day. Midnight. The streets were dark and misty, like normal on a Friday night. I duck behind a dumpster when I started to her the loud thumping of the Chalca, which are what our elders call our police. If you get caught walking around by a Chalca  without a reason you would be put on home lockdown. Since around the year of 2020 every country, state, city, and town has been like this. The government wants the, little people we had still living, to stay safe so. Because of the safety precautions we are forced to a schedule for everything. We had to be in bed by 11pm and be awake by 6am, at the latest. Shopping hours were from 10 am to noon, and we eat one large meal every day at 2 pm. It’s now 2089 and it’s still like this.
Ping! My phone goes off from my worried, overprotective, father who was the President of our island, MoIotaka. realize how loud my phone was and gasp lightly and turned of the ringer as fast I can and peer out from behind the garbage can to see if the Chalca had notice, or even was still there. He luckily was far enough way the sound didn’t make it to him. I quickly read the text “Scarlett Natalia Morgan, where the hell are you! I don’t want the Chalca to bring you home again. If they find you, your free time will be revoked for 3 weeks this time!” I sigh and reply with a quick “okay sir.”  I look around at the surroundings of the small alleyway I had found myself being in. Garbage can, wall, wall, more wall, ah! An old fire escape that was fully pulled down. I tiptoe over to it and climb it, trying to not make the rusted metal make a horrendous sound, which would bring attention to me and, obviously, get me caught. Just what I hoped wouldn't happen, happened. A loud creeeeek came from the metal, which made me rush up the ladder. The faster I climbed, the louder and more obnoxious the ladder got. Once I got to the top I scurried across the roof jumping to the next. I keep on jumping from roof to roof, trying to stay as hidden as I could.
I made it to the point where there were no more roofs to jump to, which means I made it to the place that I wanted to come out to tonight. The one single place that there are no chalcas and nothing to bother me. The serene scene of the ocean. I make my way down from the building I was standing on. I slowly made my way to the rocky shore line, the pull of the ocean made it seem as if I was floating. The peaceful sound of the water hitting the rocks put me in a trance. Slowly I take off my black combat boots, which were given to me on my most recent birthday which was my 17th birthday. I then take off my socks, roll up my light purple jeans, then pull my wavy lilac and fiery red  hair into a tight bun so it could be out of my face. I make my first step on the sand, feeling the finely milled pebbles beneath my feet. I take a deep breath of the salty air, a bittersweet smell that brings back fantastic and horrible memories. I then bolted to the ocean with small laughs, enjoying my precious moments of freedom. A extra rush of relaxation hits me when the cold refreshing, salty, water hits my feet and splashes up my, which left small speckles of water on my rolled up pant legs. A light sigh escapes my mouth and the word “free” rolls off my tongue. My moment of freedom was ripped away from me when I was forcefully turned around by the head chalca, Alec. He gave me the look that said “you aren’t getting away” so i gave in, letting him take me back home, where I will be put under “house arrest” for the next three weeks, but the tiny bit of freedom that I got was completely worth it.

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