The Angel that killed

November 3, 2016
By , lousiville, KY

The Angel that killed

There once was a teenage girl that was so beautiful, her beauty could persuade anyone to do whatever she wanted. Her name was Angel but, the thing is about angels is that everything wasn’t as it seemed with her. Angel appeared to be 16 years old but in reality she was 674. Another strange thing about Angel is that in order for her to keep her beauty she must do the devils well bidding.

One-night Angel was getting ready for bed but before she could go to sleep she needed to speck to the devil. Six candles lit up around her forming a circle. Crossing her legs, she closed her eyes and spoke in tongue. Angel opened her eyes and she was in the devil’s world.
“DEVIEL!!!” Angel yelled in an angry voice.
“How can I help you?” the devil asked.
With an attitude Angel said “I’m done doing your bidding. I’m sick of you making me do things I’m not comfortable doing and things that I honestly don’t want to do.”
The devil grabbed her by the neck and held her up against the wall until she squirmed.
“You will do whatever I say whenever I say it and how ever I say when I say it. I own you!! Angel you will never be free from me no matter how badly you want to be.” The devil said with a smirk on his face.
He realist her neck from his and a she fell to the ground coughing trying to breath. Angel then got up at the devil.
“Now since you want to think you can boss me around every night until the day you die you will brutally kill a family and take a bath in their blood so it sinks in to you.”  said the devil.
Angel woke up in her bed cover in blood. Angel had no memoir of what she had done. She got out of bed and walked in to her bathroom and seen there was three bodies’ in there. Well what remains of them. Her bathtub was felled with blood. Angel woke up every night for 3 weeks straight with the same situation. One-night Angel went to bed will that what she thought. Angel broke in to a family’s house and tortured them. Angel chained the family of four to a wall and she cut their cheeks. To watch the blood run out. Angel had grown to love killing people.
Angels favorite part about brutally murdering people is sowing their mouths shut. Angle got out some needles and thread and stared showing their mouths shut. Angle loved do this because hearing people scream and cry was like music to her hears. After doing that she hung them upside down over there bathtub and cut them apart limb by limb until the bath tub is full enough for her to take a bath in. after was done she burned their bodies.
326 years later angel killed well over 47,100,162 people but it wouldn’t be nice to not keep a souvenir. Angel cut out their heart and stored all of them in a ware house where she would come after she killed them and take a bite out of their heart then hung it up in a glass box to show her reword. But if she killed children under the age of 13 she would keep their heads and scoop there eyes out and put them in their own little jar so she could them admire all their lives.

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