little sister

November 3, 2016
By destiny105 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
destiny105 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Little sister


Lynn is at a party having fun. She decided to step out with a couple of friends tonight.
Lynn friend Hailey went to go get Lynn and her other friend bailey a drink. “I’ll be right back” Hailey yelled because the music was so loud.
So while Hailey is gone getting the drinks, Lynn and bailey was getting down on the dance floor.
A man approaches them “I see your lady’s like to dance”!
yes, we do. they giggled.”
“Hey guys I’m back with the drinks”! Hailey said excitedly!”
“Thank you” Hailey they smiled.
“Who is this fine gentlemen” ?? asked Hailey.
He laughed “let me introduce myself, my name is josh, I like to party, and I’m in my early twenty’s”.
“Mhm” not so bad Lynn replied.
“Yea not so bad” her friends agreed.
Then Lynn and her friends introduced their self to Josh.
After they was done Lynn said “so since that’s over can we dance now?”
“yes let’s go” bailey yelled.
Couple hours later the party was over.
“well I’m extremely tired!!” cried Hailey. They started walking towards Lynn’s car and got in.
Lynn drove them home safely.
Lynn finally got home, and as soon as she got in she took her heels off and was off like a light.
The next day Lynn got up early in the morning and got herself together cleaned her house up and called her daughter lashaylynn.
“hello??” “hay lashaylynn how was your night with your grandparents”? Lynn replied.
“It was great mom! I picked out some new flowers to go in granny’s front yard I picked out some purple and baby blue elephant ears.”
“Sounds like you lady’s had some fun”.
  “Yes we did. I had more fun than I expected.” “Well I was making sure you had a good time just checking on you and asking are you ready to go home?”
“yeah I guess I’m ready to leave”. “Ok I’m on my way be ready in like 10 minutes”.  “Ok bye mom see you in a little bit love you.”
“Bye love you to.” Lynn got in her car and went to pick lashaylynn. Lashaylynn waited on the couch looking out the window waiting for her mom to pull up.
“MOM!! Bye granny bye granddaddy I love you.” Lashaylynn said while giving them a hug and a kiss on their check. “Hay mom how’s the baby”? lashaylynn asked while getting in the car.
“Oh well about that I have bad news. I had a miss courage.”
“What is that”?
where your baby dies while it’s in your stomach it doesn’t finish developing?
Oh huh I really wanted a baby sister.
They finally got home.
“I’m sorry lashaylynn but I don’t make the decision”.
A couple months later lashaylynn saw a shadow by her door. She sat up on her bed and asked who it was. The shadow figure left. She was kind of frightened, but she went back to bed.
She saw this shadow figure again the next night.
She hurries up and caught it. “It’s a human being”. She thinks to herself. who are you?
“I’m your little sister that didn’t make it remember”.
“Oh yea I do remember. So why do you watch me at night”??
“because I wanted to see what it’s like having a big sister.”
They talked it out. “so this is our little secret right?” little sister asked.
“yes ohm you don’t have a name I’ll give you one! I think it should be miracle. Because you’re a miracle to me.”
“I like it”.
“So where do you sleep at night? and how old are you now?”
“I usually sleep in the basement and I’m 4 now.”
“oh you’re not sleeping down there no more ill wash you up and you can sleep with me. I just want to let you know you’re a pretty, and smart 4-year-old.”
The secret never got told and lashaylynn got to see her little sister grow up. 

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