The Football Phenom

November 3, 2016
By ky.jameson BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
ky.jameson BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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“The Football Phenom”

Once there lived this boy named Matthew Winston. Although all his friends call him Matty. Matty was like no other kid though. Matty came from a family full of all types of football legends. His dad, Matthew Winston Jr., was an All-Time great quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Despite his grandfather, Matthew Winston Sr.,also a quarterback, he was unhuman. Unlike any ordinary/average , this man never lost. He was a monster, he risked his life out on the football field and that’s where he died at. After taking 7 crucial hits to the head for a game winning TD.
But Matthew wasn’t too much of an athlete. Matthew really liked technology and other things. He was picked on because of that; other kids knew about his family and how they all were athletes EXCEPT him. They teased him for not playing football. Matthew took the kids comments to consideration and went out for the football team. As he walked into the locker room, the kids pointed, stared, talked, laughed and giggled.
Every kid in that locker room, intentions were to hurt Matthew; and that’s what they did. Every time Matty touched the ball, all eyes were on him. It was horrible. Matty tried out to be a running back. Matthew wanted to start something new, coming from a family full of quarterbacks. It was a struggle for him. But luckily he made the team. The coaches only wanted him on the team because they knew he could bring attention to the because people might want to see if his father passed him the torch.
First game, Matthew did not get in. He was upset and quiet and did not talk to anyone the whole week. The next week at practice he showed a little progress. But it wasn’t enough for coach to trust him with the ball in big games. Games, went by and Matthew was yet to get in the game. Hatred and frustration built up in poor little Matthews head. The week after, Matthew only got worse.
Matthew was such a great kid in school; but he started falling behind in all his classes. He had one focus and that was to be great in football.
With championship game, right around the corner. Matthew questioned himself. He asked himself, “why do I even bother to try fit in by playing a sport?” Later that week he took a trip to visit his grandfather’s grave site. It was around 11:00p.m.; Matthew had just got back from practice and was really tired.
At the grave site, he got really comfortable. He sat down with his grandfather, he asked “did the tradition really stop at me? But why though?”
He sat there for about 10mins crying his eyes out; Matthew wanted to be great somehow. He cried himself to sleep and while he was sleep, something woke him up. As if something were to go through his body. Matthew was almost late for school.
When Matthew walked into school he felt really sick but couldn’t wait for football practice.
Practice soon came and Matthew had a great practice, his coach considered on playing him in the championship game. But the weird thing is, Matthew didn’t know where all that hard work came from. He said it was almost if someone was controlling his body.
With the champion game being a week away; Matthew showed so much progress in practice, that coach knew for sure that Matthew met his expectations.
Coach moved Matthew to 2nd string quarter back but yet that still wasn’t enough for Matthew to be proud of. Championship game came and within 3 minutes into the 1st quarter, Matthew football teams quarter back was injured. Coach rushed Matthew into the game and Matthew took over the game. Matthew could not be stopped, it felt too easy to him. But yet he still complained because he still didn’t have an answer for where this Matthew came from.
It was a very close game. The score was 21-24. Matthews team was down with a minute left on the clock. Matthew got in the game, faked a pass and ran all the way down field for the game winning touchdown. It was beyond crazy for Matthew, he felt as if he accomplished a lot in one night. Later on that night, Matty returned home. He took a shower and went to look in the mirror and it wasn’t his reflection that he saw.
It was his grandfathers. Matthew fell to the floor and had a vision to what happened at the grave site while he was sleep. He saw his grandfather’s soul crawl into his body. Matthew soon rose back to his feet and he began to hear his grandfather’s voice. The voice said, “Matty, thank you grandson, you let me relive my childhood, I’m sorry. I know you wished that it was you playing that game but I did it for the both of us. I think it’s time that you figure out”, “figure out what?” Matthew said.
Matthews dad soon walked in the bathroom with Matthew and he shut the door behind him and sat down. Then he said “I guess you know now. All the greatness people label me as, all of it came from your grandfather.”
Matthew was speechless. Matthew later on went on to say “so our whole family history is a lie? I can’t so this I don’t want to live a lie.” Matthew refused to share his body with his grandfather. Until his father showed him a room in their house that was full of clones. Matthew jumped back and Matthews dad said “you either live a great life or someone else will do it for you.”
But yet, Matthew still refused to. Matthews dad pushed Matthew on his back and removed something off his back and before Matthew knew it; he shut down and there was his dad with 2 double-a batteries in his hands.

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