The Mysterious Man

November 3, 2016

 The Mysterious Man

The story starts off with our protagonist Dave. Dave and his girlfriend Lynn enjoyed going to the forest. Dave’s girlfriend decides to go out into the forest by her house alone. Dave’s at his house when he thinks about her. So he decides to call her house phone. He gets no answer. He starts to get worried. He calls three more times and gets even more worried when there’s still no answer. He decides to drive to her house to check on her.
As he gets closer, a tree falls in the distance. But he doesn’t think it’s in the road. So he keeps driving then when it’s too late he sees it in the road. He slams on the brakes but still runs into it he’s dazed for a little while then he decides to get out and bring his camera (he is a YouTuber and likes to record a lot of things so he always has it with him). So at this point he decided to walk it starts to get dark halfway there and bout time Dave gets to Lynn’s house. It’s really dark outside. When he gets inside, Dave takes a breath of relief. He then looks at a wall and sees a lot of scary markings and notices the lights are on. He walks into the kitchen and sees a note that says: flash light and keys in garage he then sees batteries right next to the note so he picks them up and takes them with him. Dave heads to the garage and sees the flash light.
He takes it, but doesn’t see the key. He says to himself:” there’s the flash light but where’s the key”. He searches around the house and through drawers. He ends up finding it in the bathroom and says: “now I wonder what the key’s for”. He finds out the keys for his girlfriend’s room. He goes into his girlfriend’s room to find even more markings on the walls. Only this time, they’re even creepier than before. He looks out of the window and sees a tall figure through his camera that almost looks like a man. He gets scared and jumps back. Dave checks the camera and sees the camera. Fuzzed up when it saw him.
“Aahh!” A girl’s scream comes out of nowhere and he instantly wonders if it’s his girlfriend. He looks back out the window and sees that the figure isn’t there anymore. Confused, he decides to look for her. It seems like he’s running through a maze. Dave starts getting frustrated. He then sees a note of some sort tacked on a tree.
It says: “don’t look or it takes you”. He is confused. It has the same markings as the ones in the house. He is in the forest at this point. He is scared. As he moves on he sees another note that says:” always watching no eyes”. This time there was also a picture with the note. The picture frightened him. As he’s walking on, he sees another note.
This time it says:” can’t run”. He is really confused by this point and is starting to lose it, but he shrugs it off. As Dave’s walking around becoming more scared by the minute, he remembers a myth he heard about a Mysterious Man who stalks in the woods. The myth says that if you get lost, he stalks you and kills you. Dave is frightened about this because he thinks it’s gonna be chasing him. Somehow, Dave walks upon a campsite and sits there. He gets worm by the fire sitting for what felt like an eternity. Suddenly, he hears something. He slowly turns around to look and sees nothing. He turns back to the fire only to see the tall figure right in his face. He picks his camera back up and runs from the figure.
Then finds another note on a tree that reads:” can’t hide”. As he sees the note, he sees the figure again-this time even closer. The figure seems to become out raged. Dave looks through the camera again facing behind him. Before the camera fuzzes up again, he gets a good look at it and says:” that looks like a man wearing a mask with a suit”. He then runs far away. He starts to feel nauseous with his increasing fear. He then sees a lady walking very creepily. Dave then notices it’s his girlfriend.
He calls out her name: “Lynn”. She quickly turns, and looks at Dave and starts running very quickly toward him. They hug each other tightly releasing him, she looks terrifying. She whisper’s: “behind you” and starts laughing like a mad woman. Dave turns around to find the mysterious man. He grabs Lynn’s hand and tries to run. She then pulls out a knife and stabs him in the hand. He screeches in pain as he lets go. He instantly starts running away. He slowly starts to recognize the forest. He manages to find his car and tries to start it but it won’t start finally, after several tries, it starts. He starts driving away.
As he looks in the rear view mirror, he sees them starring at him. He drives home toward safety. After he is able to relax, he falls asleep. With a start, he is awoken in the middle of the night to find the mysterious man standing next to his bed. Boom! Boom! Dave hears very loud stomping and turns to see his girlfriend jump on him, in laughter. She then was stabbing him to death.

The End

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