The Crazy Break Up

November 3, 2016
By Anonymous

The Crazy Break Up
Haylee comes into the house early around 5:45 Sunday morning. Corey was sitting in the chair by the fireplace in the living room with a bottle of half drank Hennessy in his right hand. Haylee sees Corey and says, “Corey honey, what are you doing up so early?” Corey looks up with tears in his eyes and sweat running down his face. Corey asked, “Where were you last night Haylee?” Haylee hesitates for a second then said, “I was at work late then hung out with friends last night.” Corey looks at the bottle of Hennessy then throws it at the wall next to her. The bottle shatters and started to spill all over the wall and onto the floor.  Haylee screams and bursts into tears saying,”Why are you doing this?” Corey stands up raising his fist and punches the wall next to her. Corey takes his hand out of the wall, then looks at Haylee and asks again, “Where were you last night Haylee?” This time Haylee stands there crying without an answer. Corey gets frustrated and grabs her arm forcefully. “Why are you lying to me?” Corey said to Haylee. Haylee pulls away then said, “I'm not lying!” Then that's when Corey exploded. “That's it! “We’re done, I saw you with your boss Damian from work. I can't believe you constantly lied to me for 3 years Haylee. You need to get your stuff and leave because we're breaking up.” Haylee rushes up stairs into the room and gets her things. Corey watched her grab her things in fear of him hitting her or anything around her. He wasn't going to hit her. At this point there's no reason for him to hit her or anything around her. Corey walked her down stairs and lead her to the door. He opened the door for her, she looked back at him and said, “It’s not what you think Corey. I haven't been with him. I’ve been busy.” Corey stood there looking at her with tears filling his eyes, and then slammed the door in her face. He stood there at the door thinking what to do. “Do I go back, do I stay?” Corey thought to himself. He looked out  the window watching her leave and this made him realize that he couldn’t make the choice now, she already decided for him. The home phone rang. Corey picked it up after a few rings and answered, “Hello.” “Corey, it’s your brother Damian. I just wanted to say your girlfriend Haylee is doing great at work and she’ll be getting a promotion.” Corey sat there in despite and answered, “Good, you can keep her.” Then hung up the phone. A couple of roughs weeks later of going to work and sitting in a empty house, Corey decided to move out of the house because he couldn’t handle any reminder of Haylee. Corey lived here for three years and he can’t handle it by himself. A week later Corey  to saved up enough money to purchase a house at Lincoln Park suburbs where his Grandparents’ lived. He felt like that this would be best for him; this would allow him to get back on his feet, and to become stable once again. When Corey arrived to his Grandparent’s house, there was a woman that was cleaning the house when Corey arrived. When Corey first glanced at her Haylee came across my mind. She had the same bright blue eyes as her. Corey haven’t been alone with another woman in a room since he lived with Haylee. She stopped making the bed and quickly looked at Corey and said, “I didn't know anyone was here.” Corey replied, “Yeah, this was my grandparents house and I’ll be staying here from now on. They sold it to me.” The cleaning lady looked really confused. Corey asked, “What is your name?” The lady replied, “My name is  May.” She told Corey that she has been  living here so she can clean all the time and have a place to stay. Corey stood there in confusion. “My Grandmother never told me that the house came with a maid living here.” Corey thought. May quickly said, “I can stay in the guest room if you want since this is your Grandparents house. If not I can go back to my parents house.” Then for some reason Corey started to feel a lot better. He said “That'll be fine. You can stay here and clean.” Corey grabbed his things and headed upstairs to his room. He sat down and started to unpack then he heard a knock on the door.  “Housekeeping.” May said jokingly. Corey replied, “Come in.” She came in and sat next to him and said, “Since we are going to be living with each other we need to get to know each other.” May said, “Okay what do you want to know?” Corey asked, “Well first off what’s your name?” May said, “My name is Corey.” He replied. “That’s a cute name” May said with a blush face. They sat there talking for hours talking and had a great time. Corey looked at his phone and saw it was getting late and said, “I think I should go get some sleep.” May said, “Same I have a lot of work to do tomorrow in the garden.” May stood up and looked at Corey like she wanted something from him. May grabbed his hand and then pulled him in for a hug. Corey pulled away awkwardly and then said, “Goodnight May.” then she went to her room. Corey laid down and thought to himself, “What was she doing? Does she like me? She barely knows me, but I feel like I know her.”  Corey laid there with a smile on his thinking about the things he can do here and that he will enjoy the little things in his new life.
A couple hours goes by at night. Corey woke up scared in the middle of the night, he heard a loud noise downstairs. Corey got up and opened his door slowly and peeked out and saw nothing. He heard the loud bang again but this time from the downstairs kitchen. Corey started to walk towards the steps. Corey stepped down slowly thinking it was an intruder. Corey gets to the third step from the top and peeked over the railing and couldn't believe what he saw. It was May dragging a big black bag. Corey gasped and covered his mouth quickly. May dropped the bag and slowly looked up at the steps. By the time she looked up Corey was already back in his room. Corey was looking for his phone to call his grandparents. Corey found his phone and called the nursing home where his grandparents stay at. A lady picked up the phone and answered, “This is Dreams Nursing home. May I help you?” “Yes may I speak to Lisa Tribaker?” Corey asked. The nursing lady asked, “May I ask who's calling?” “This is Corey Tribaker. Grandson of Lisa and James Tribaker. Is either one of them available?” Corey asked. There was a silence for a second and then a voice said, “Hello?” “Hey grandma it's Corey.” Corey replied. “How have you been? Are you liking the house?” asked Lisa. “Very much Grandma thank you!” Do you know anything about the housekeeper name May?” Corey asked. There was a long pause before she said, “What housekeeper?” Corey instantly dropped his phone, then heard a voice behind him asked, “Who are you talking to Corey?” Corey stood there in shock. He slowly turned around and then she asked again, “Who are you talking to Corey.” Corey replied, “No one.” May stares at him as if she knew he was lying. May slowly raised her hand and took off her black hair wig. Rubbed the eye makeup off. Corey couldn't believe it. It was Haylee. “I been following you everyday Corey. I heard you were going to buy this house so I disguised myself as another person named May to be with you again. I love you Corey.” Corey stood there in disbelief. Corey started to walk downstairs and Haylee asked, “Where are you going?” Corey continued to walk downstairs. Corey entered the kitchen with Haylee following him. Corey stared at the big black body bag. Haylee watched Corey bent over with wide eyes and unzipped the top half of the bag caustionly. Corey couldn't believe it. It was his brother Damian. Haylee said, “I killed your brother and I was going to hide him in the basement, but that's when you woke up. I did it for you. I did it for us.” Corey dropped to his knees from the death of his brother and from what she told him. Corey sat there crying. “How… How could you do this Haylee.” Corey asked. Haylee got closer to Corey and said, “I did it for you. I did it for us.” Corey pushed her away and stood up really quick. “I am calling the police Haylee.”  Haylee stood up slowly and raised her head up then looked at Corey and said. “I can't let that happen. Corey eyes got really big, then he rushed to the home phone. Haylee said, “I’ve already cut the wire.” Corey didn't know what to do so he charged at Haylee with full force. Haylee stood there with a smirk on her face. Corey suddenly stop when he reached her. Haylee had  pulled out a knife and stabbed Corey in the chest. As Corey slowly fell to the ground Haylee whispered in his ear, “I love you Corey. I’ll always love you.” Haylee laid his body next to his brothers body. Haylee laid next to Corey’s dead body. A few minutes after she laid him down the cops busted in the house and said, “NYPD we got a call for noise complaint. The police office walked into the kitchen and  saw three bodies lying next to each other all covered in blood. Police pulled out his walkie talkie and said, “Get a evac they are all dead.”

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