The Amazing 5

March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

In a galaxy far, far away, a army of 5000 men were on the Gabuton the 2nd were an alien base has been reported by scouts. The 5000 men stop and waited in a small base for a food ship to come. The generals assistant Taborshon. Taborshion is a tall skinny,young man and is in his first year of the army he was the high est rank in his group so he was sent hear(snap shot). Taborshon yells out 'boss theres a ship coming from our 6 o'clock.' General says 'good'. 5 of the best, muscular men come up to Taborshion and Ted, Bob, Joe, Kyle,Scott, Kyle asks him when the foods going to get here'in a few minuets' well then were going to go and get some from the woods said Joe. Then as the ship gets closer Taborshion thinks of the worse. What if that ship was a alien bomber... it could easily destroy our entire army!(thought shot). A minute later ... whoosh... whoosh...whoosh three missiles were shot at the small base. Out of 5000 men only 10 scouts, the general and his assistant, and the 5 men were the survives. One scout came back from his post and said he found the base. So the general sent 2 scouts and the 5 men. The scout said there half way there when general called and said there was a medic who found 50 men and I sent them for you. All right lets keep moving said Kyle. Then all of a sudden a lion with spikes huge teeth and drooling all over (snap shot) came out and killed the first scout then the second then it looked at Scott with its blood red eyes then slowly bent down in a striking position took a leap then...bang (expanded moment)! The beast fell over dead with a hole in its head. Scott saw Kyle shot it with a pistol from hes pocket . Joe said, 'now what do we do' . Just move strait till we find the base. At the end of the forest there was a huge wall and along desert in front of it. The 50 men caught up to the 5 men. On the wall they saw aliens with super sniper lasers. And super plasm um machine guns. The commander told all of the men they would have to get to the wall and climb up it. So they did once the survivors got to the wall only 25 of the men survived. Commander told the 5 men to find a vent and get in side. Kyle thought we would have to be lucky to find one(thought shot). So commander told the others to start climbing. So they found a vent and started to climb in it and around the corner when they herd some talking. At the end of the vent the leader him self. When are the ships going to leave said the leader. So Kyle kicked open the vent and threw a super grenade. Boom...when they came out of the vent they found some papers and the alien leader dead. They looked out the door and there were to ships with aliens and weapons and tanks. Kyle ran and slid under a ship without being detected and put a detonator on it and ran back to the room. Kyle told Joe to fire a rocket at the cock pit of the Ship then he told Ben to throw a super atomic bomb ant the there'd ship boom...boom...boom...all three of the ships were destroyed. But the aliens new were they were so they started to fire 3 men ran to the vent the other two Ted and Scott. Ted garbed the papers and Scott set down a super detonator and tried to set it for a minuet but it would not work so he told Ted to go with the others. Some aliens came in the room with rifles but Scott had a super machine gun and took them out. After some time of trying to set the detonator and killing aliens his gun ran out of ammo so he threw it and hit 3 out or the 7 guys he ran to the detonator but was shot in the leg and the arm so he reached out with the rest of his strength and pressed the button that had 1 second on it then boom...the other four went in after the bomb had exploded and all they found was his gun and his helmet. They met up with the commander and general and 5 other men and 1 minute later the ships came. On there way back the 4 men thought it was good that Scott at least died as a hero!

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