the figure and the disaster

March 4, 2009
I woke up after I heard a big bang. My ears rang! I looked outside from the glass window. I saw dust. There was a kid in shock. He started to cry because his parents had perished into thick dust. Then a figure of a shadow moved. I looked where it went. All I could see was an alley that came to an end at the giant metal fence. Then I heard a swish. I looked up, nothing but a starry dark sky. Then all of the street's power went out! Except the lamp in the Howard's house. Then the bulb shattered. I turned around the the figure appeared. But it did not move. It just stood there at the far end of the street when pop! He's gone but then all the stars to fall out of the dark sky. As one came right towards me like a bullet. I started to run as fast as I could. Then they all stopped. The figure was holding out his hand. He swung his arm up. All of the stars went up except for one. The star burnt out. He looked at me. And said something I couldn't understand. He gave me a watch. But there was a timer on. Then his finger pointed up. Saw a giant black hole forming and he pointed at the time. Then it started to countdown . It said 24:00 then 23:59 one minute later 23:58. I went to the phone. I called 911. then thankfully some one answered. I told them what was happening. First they the I told them to come anyway. Then the arrived and the president what they saw. He called all of the scientists to meet at my street. Oh no I said it was 18:43 on the watch! Then daylight came. The figure appeared to me again. then he looked at me. Then boom he was gone. The scientists came up with an idea to get rid of the black hole. They were going to send every space ship had to go the opposite way of the black hole. Beep beep it said 3:21
they got all of the space ships to go the opposite way. And it worked and the star that burned out re lit. When night came. Looked in my window and my parents were there. And the kid next door was with his parents some how. So every body that was there was gone. Only the bulb that broke was fixed. Until shatter it broke the people replaced it. Day after day. I wondered where the dark shadow figure went. But on nights when no stars were out that one star was there. I wonder still. I fell a sleep then I woke up in a gasp. I looked out the window. nothing bad happened. I went back to my bed. I pulled the covers over me and shut my eyes. Zzz(sniff) (sniff) Zzz. My mom came in and shut off the light.

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