The Game

March 4, 2009
By Slasher BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Slasher BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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Mud was flinging wildly as Casey flew up the field lunging and dodging lacrosse sticks, passing back and forth until the hit came.

It was the beginning of the Portage vs. Mattawan rival lacrosse game. Our whole team was very nervous. The crowd was cheering as we broke the huddle. Our team fanned out in all different directions running to our positions. I was center so I had to take the face off. I had Casey on my right and Kyle on my left. The whistle blew and the game started. My net clamped on the ball quickly and I passed it to Casey. He started running up the field, I ran parallel to him. We passed back and forth down the field until we came close to the net. Casey made the final pass to me and I shot and scored. The crowd went wild. Our line switched out so I wasn't playing anymore.

After two more minutes of passing and dropping the ball our line went back in. I had to take the face off again. The whistle blew and I shot to the ball and passed to Kyle. He then passed to Casey, he decided to go for the goal. I yelled, 'W A T C H O U T!' It was in slow motion. He slowly turned his head just to see a 200 pound man standing in front of him. He was stunned. Their was a loud crack of their pads hitting and I'm pretty sure something else too. They both slowly fell backward with a smack on their backs.

I felt like I was going to puke when I went over to him. Bending out of his skin was a bloody bone. I helped him take off his helmet. Softly he whimpered in pain. In about ten seconds the whole team surrounded him. Man that must of hurt, I thought. That really would stink to have that happen. The coaches carried him off the field and put him in an ambulance. Our whole team felt so bad for him and so mad at their team that we were ready to go out there and finish them off. The rest of the game all I could think about was how hard I was going to hit him when I had the chance.

The chance finally came when I was ripping up the field with mud flying behind me coming from my cleats. I ran at him with no fear in my head. I knew that if I slowed down I would shatter into a lot of pieces, so I sped up. He started to show some fear in his eyes. I hit him as hard as I as I could. Crack went his broken shoulder pad as he fell backward. I kept running for the goal. I ripped a shot and scored. It was the most amazing game I ever played. The score was 3-2, Mattawan won.

The author's comments:
This piece is my lacrosse game I really had fun

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