March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Under the giant red mushroom, Buddy, the caterpillar was in his cocoon. Buddy was sleeping in his cocoon, growing in his cocoon,and becoming a beautiful big butterfly in his cocoon. Suddenly it happened, his beautiful orange and blue spotted wings spread the full six inches apart as he exited his cocoon. He fluttered away to start his life in the forest.

Buddy found a new home in a large oak tree. He quickly discovered small bugs in some small
holes the tree had. He was able to consume them so he could survive. As he waddled around a tree he came across a branch with a small twig sticking out, this was the perfect place to sleep. He made this place his home. Little did he know this new home would give him the biggest and most dangerous adventure of his life. Buddy closed his wings and coiled up like a butterfly should and slowly drifted to sleep under the moon light.

He woke up in a large tree house under a butterfly net, with Will Lita and Casey Lita. They were the meanest and second toughest nine year olds alive. Buddy tried to flap away but couldn't. Casey, the stronger of the two, was a short little boy with long blond hair. Will was also short but he had short brown hair. Casey smiled his evil nine year old smile at Buddy, turned away, grabbed a match he had stole from his dad, and brought it over to Buddy. He gave him the I'm-going-to-kill-you look. There was a small flicker of light and Buddy left the world forever.

BAM!!! Wood went flying, Casey and Will screamed, for Jeremy the toughest nine year old in the world burst in. He knew he couldn't save Buddy but he had to teach Will and Casey a lesson. Rumor said Jeremy could do 10 whole push ups, and could lift 4 pounds, but the most deadly of all was his skill to be as sly as a 9 year old fox. He stared at Will and Casey and gave them his I'm-going-to-make-you-cry stare. He shouted his deadly war cry, 'HUUU HA!' He went in there and pounded Will and Casey. Crying at home, listening in fear, and running for their lives, they never hurt a butterfly again.

Later that day Casey and Will went to see Buddy. But he wasn't there. He was in the forest, sleeping in his tree, growing his baby boy, creating a big strong butterfly just like him.

The author's comments:
It is very funny if you look at it in a funny way. It was not intended to be sad.

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