March 3, 2009
By Morgan202 BRONZE, Huntsville, Other
Morgan202 BRONZE, Huntsville, Other
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I stood near the window. My hand on the cold glass pane, breath fogging it up. I was staring at the snow that had been falling for the last 4 hours. But what was that gleaming? I was looking at it for a couple minutes, still not distinguishing the object. I squinted into the darkness. Nothing. I took my hand off the glass. The cold slithering its way through my fingertips and up my arm. I took one more look. But the gleam was no longer there.

My heart skipped a beat. I had a horrible feeling crawling its way into my stomach, though I had no idea why. Everyone always said, 'Go with your gut feeling', and that's what I was doing. Something just felt'wrong. With my parents away and my sister at a friend's house, I feel even more jumpy.

I moved away from the window, realizing that I was completely exposed to anyone that may be out there. Watching' I shook off the thought. I didn't need to go making myself even more afraid.

Closing the curtains, I made my way into the living room and turned on the TV. I scrolled through the channels and finally settled on an Extreme Homes, show. I sat there not really listening to the Australian host, but listening to the quietness of the house. I just couldn't shake the thought that something was off.

I turned down the volume and listened. I glanced at the phone sitting next to me. Good. I had it. Then I could call if -

I gasped. There was a noise. A footstep? My imagination? It was probably just nothing, or something with a reasonable explanation. But I am way too chicken to go check it out. And besides, as I said before, I have the phone. Gawd! I'm such a coward!

I picked up the phone and dialled by best friend's number. She could comfort me at least.

' Hello?' answered her mother.

' Um. Hi. Is Maggie there?' I asked, hearing the noise again. It was closer this time. Just outside the living room doorway. The skin on my neck was on end and I shivered uncontrollably. My palms were sweaty, despite how cold I felt. She could hear Mrs. Peters calling Maggie. A second later she picked up.

' Hey. What's up?'

' Uh. Nothing I guess. Just calling.'

' Umm'Okay then.'

' I think someone's in the house,' I whispered.

' Come on. Are you sure?' she asked.

'Not sure, sure. But I really think so.'

'Well, want me to come over tonight? Or do you want to come over?'

'I'd love to. But I have to get my stuff. I'll be right over.'

I punched the end button and got up from the couch. The noise had stopped, but she wasn't taking a chance. She fetched up a rock her little sister had kept to paint on, and held it in a death grip. The phone in the other hand. Ok. This was it.

She raced into her bedroom and grabbed her cell phone and a bag to put her things into. She hastily piled anything and everything she could think of into it, and was running back down the hallway when all the lights went out, and she was left in complete darkness'

To be continued.

The author's comments:
I was really excited to write this piece because I love to write and would like to know what others think of it. Hope you enjoy!

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