An Out of This World Dining Experience

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Joe came home last night at midnight. What had transpired over the past several hours were some of the most confusing events of his young life. He was supposed to meet his grandmother at the local Italian restaurant for their bimonthly dinner but while he was on his way, he was abducted by aliens. In retrospect, he wondered if he had instead been captured by the CIA and had been unknowingly forced to participate in one of their latest mind altering truth serum drug experiments. But as he looked down at his clothes and saw traces of the telltale green alien residue that rubs off on everything they touch. The last thing he could remember was pulling up to the restaurant. Visions of breadsticks and lasagna danced through his head as he waited in the parking lot for his grandmother's arrival. The next thing he new he was waking up in his room seven hours later. He tried to recall all that had happened during those hours but his memories had been lost in space. He could only imagine being beamed up into some alien spacecraft, resisting mentally but being physically compliant. Joe had probably undergone hours of torture at the hands, or maybe the tentacles, of the aliens. They had probably forced him to divulge all of the great secrets of the planet earth. They planned to use his testimony to formulate a plan to take over the world. But maybe, just maybe, the aliens had been nice to him. Perhaps they beamed him up for a cup of tea and a snack and some pleasant conversation. Whatever had happened he could not remember anything. Deciding there was nothing he could do and because he had seemed to suffer no immediate physical side effects, he went to bed hoping in the morning he could recall what had transpired. He would also need to call his grandmother to make sure she knew everything was alright and he would meet her next week for dinner. The next time, he hoped, he would be able to make inside the restaurant.

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