Mischief Maker

February 28, 2009
By Mckenzie BRONZE, Monrovia, California
Mckenzie BRONZE, Monrovia, California
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I watched the waves go by as the sun slowly drifted under the mountains, filling the day with nothing but darkness. The waves were excessively loud as they quickly and continually crashed into the innocent sand. Pounding it into a new pattern, one with no castles or moats. Leaving it flat and plain, just how nature intended everything to be.
The wind crashed up into my face, throwing my short hair into spirals. Making it look as though it was dancing with the wind. Its movements poised and different to the one previous.
'What are you doing, Rachel?' I heard someone say from across the pier. I ignored them, too fascinated over the dark blue water.'Rachel' They yelled again as I heard footsteps hitting against the wood.
That's when I felt a cold hand rest against my back, goose bumps covering my spine.'What now, Patrick?' I grumbled, lifting my hand to show that I acknowledged his presence.'Mom said that it's time for dinner,' he chirped, his voice sounding how you would expect a hummingbirds would, quiet and high. 'I'll be right there,' I murmured as I slowly, not taking my eyes away from the water, pushed myself to my feet. It was only a matter of time before Patrick grew bored of my lollygagging and ran back to the house.
'It's so pretty tonight,' I murmured to myself as I heard the quiet patting of his feet as he ran back home. The sky was dark blue with tiny little gleams of light coming from every direction. Stars.
That's when I felt a large gust of wind run up my direction, like someone had thrown something so large that it had knocked all the wind in a direction, although it was clearly moving the opposite way. 'It is pretty,' I heard a dark shallow voice say from behind me. My eyes froze open and my arms instantly wrapped around my waist. I took an uneasy step forward and turned around.'Ahhh,' I screamed as I saw a man in all black standing in front of me. I took a step back, clearly a reaction to an unknown face, although not the best idea. I fell, fell off the pier and down two stories until I hit the dark black water.
The water rushed in front of me, filling my mouth with an insanely disgusting mouth full of water. I opened my burning eyes in a frantic attempt to find the surface. I flailed my arms around, hoping that at some point they would hit the surface. 'Air,' I thought to myself, 'I need air.'
Eventually I found it, it ran through my lungs, making my lungs burn, although, I didn't care. I could breath, which was all that mattered.
I trudged back to the shore, my jean shorts soaked, making me feel as though I had gained thirty pounds. I was outrageously, and inexplicably, angry. Now that I was out of that mess, it was easy to feel the steam blow through my ears, even if it was impossible.
I took in a few breaths and rubbed my temples, hoping I wouldn't become too angry, as I did at certain points because of my anger issues. 'It was a complete and utter accident,' I told myself. I didn't know the man, so how could I blame him for anything but being creepy?
'I'm sorry,' I heard the deep and eerie voice say from behind me. I jumped, my breathing grew faster and again like before, I hugged my chest. My eyes widened as he took a step around me, making us face each other. 'I'm sorry'again,' he quickly said, pulling off his overly large over coat.
He wasn't as large of a man as I'd thought he was. He had long black hair and crystal blue eyes. His tight black shirt clung to him, showing that he was a rather skinny boy, not a man at all. He was tall, much taller than me or my brother. He was pale, not as pale as me, but standing next to someone who did tan, possibly. He looked rather intimidating, like he was able to jump a man. Not the average guy I'd talk to.
I was too wrapped up in his appearance to see that he was offering me his coat.'Aren't you cold?' he asked, pushing it up against my still protective arms. My eyes fluttered and a grabbed it timidly.'Thank you,' I mumbled as I pulled it on.'What's your name,' He asked, staring away from me and towards the dark sea. 'Rachel,' I answered, looking up at his pale face. He had a thin face and a small nose, illuminating his rather large lip ring.
'So,' I started, making him focus his attention to me instead of the waves.'What's your name?' I asked, trying my hardest to force a smile. That's when he glared at me. His eyes turning from blue to a dark crimson red in only a matter of seconds. His thick eye brows pushed together in an odd expression.'That does not matter,' He answered, leaning his face towards mine. His breath swirling around in front of my face.
But in only a few seconds, which was how long it took for me to get my head back together, nobody was there. Not a trace of the boy left. The sand didn't have a footprint in sight. I shivered, the cold feeling rushing down my spine. That's when I realized that the shiver wasn't mainly because I was cold. I looked down and oddly enough, I was still wearing his coat.'Weird,' I mumbled to myself as I turned around and walked back to my house.

The author's comments:
I wrote it in a computer game, the characters are 'Sims people'. Its the first chapter of A book I am slowly writing.

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on Apr. 11 2009 at 2:51 pm
EVHrocksmyworld, Broomall, Pennsylvania
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wow! nice! i love this story!

please post another chapter :)

(btw i love the Sims lol)

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