another story of the GRINCH!!

March 2, 2009
By , mattawan, MI
One day Cindy Lu-Who (Cindy Lu) was skipping along, skipping along singing Christmas carols, skipping along laughing, In her new red and green Christmas dress her mother bought her. Then all of a sudden she saw this big mountain with a little house in it . I wonder if someone lives there? she asked herself. She started to climb up but slid on a rock and fell on her face and started sliding down the mountain. Then all of the sudden she saw in the snow in front of her this big shadow. She turned around and saw him; the big beast everyone was talking about.

'Hello,' Cindy Lu said.

'Who are you and what are you doing on my mountain?' he said

' Why I am Cindy Lu, from Who-Town'

' Why are you here?' the Grinch asked.

' Well I was just skipping along, and I saw a house in the mountain and wanted to see who or if anyone lived here,' Cindy Lu said shyly.

' Oh okay, Well why don't I take you home and get you a nice cup of water and tuck you back in?'

' Oh that would be great!!'

so the Grinch brought Cindy back to Who-Town and tucked her back in with her water and said good-night sweetly and shut the door. Cindy Lu soon fell fast asleep. But then she woke up to a loud CRASH!!! She quietly walked outside to make sure she didn't wake anyone else up. And there, right in front of her, was 'Santa Clause' or so she thought. But once he turned around he wasn't a jolly old fella with a big belly, he was the Grinch!!

'What are you doing?' Cindy asked him.

' Well I work for Santa in my spare time and I was just taking all of your gifts to the North Pole to make sure they all work.'

' Oh okay, but make sure they are back before anyone else wakes up tomorrow morning.' she commanded.

'Oh I will,' Grinch promised.

Then the Grinch patted little Cindy on her head and she headed to the bedroom when she heard another crash!!! She turned around and saw the Grinch trying to get up the chimney. She gave him the what- in ' the ' world- are ' you ' doing look? And went back to her bedroom.

The next morning when she woke up all the presents under the tree were gone!!


' Well last night one of Santa's elves came and took them back to the workshop, but he said they would be back by the morning.' Cindy said.

' well what did this elf look like, honey?'

' He was big and green and very hairy!'

the her dad whispered to her mother ' That sounds like the grinch!!'
they called the neighbors and all their presents were gone also. Cindy felt so bad like a big storm had crashed her world. Her parents said it wasn't her fault, the Grinch is just too sneaky.

Later that day Cindy went back to the mountain and climbed and climbed. Finally she was there.

' Grinch!! Oh Grinch!!!

' Who's there?' he said in anger.

' It's Cindy Lu, from last night, why did you take all of Who-Towns presents?'

'I already told you I am one of Santa's elves, and I had to take all the toys back to the workshop to get checked up on.'

' but u said they would be back bye this morning, and no ones were returned.'

' Well yes I can explain that when I was on my way to the north pole I ran into some trouble, I slipped down my mountain and ended up breaking my ankle, see come in here and you will see that I still do have all your presents.'

' But Mr. Grinch it's not about the presents it's the fact that you lied to me, and the rest of Who-Town.'

Then the Grinch realized that Cindy and maybe the rest of the people in Who- Town weren't bad and he was hiding away for nothing.

' Oh well I am very sorry that I caused you all this trouble.

' But Mr. Grinch, you are a who you're just different. I know why you don't like to come down. The people and times have changed we don't look at what you look like we look at what is on the inside.

Then the Grinch who once had a heart as small as a pea grew and grew until it was big as can be.
And then he said, ' Well I will return all the gifts with my reindeer max, as soon as possible.'

' Will you come down with us to sing Christmas carols?'

' Well I don't think anyone would want me there.'

' Yes they would, and if you come down you might be able to win the Christmas-athon and be new mayor of Who-Town.'

' what if I don't want to be mayor of who-town?'

' then don't come down here but you will be stuck sitting up here for the rest of you life and we won't be able to help you. So it's either now or never.'
Cindy Lu slid down the mountain back to Who-Town. While all the whos were singing their carols, the Grinch over heard them and thought to himself, why am I so scared to go down there? I mean like she said I am just a who but I look so different I never thought that I could be a who like everyone else.
Then he built up the courage to return all the gifts and sing Christmas carols with the whos. He crept out his house and slid down the mountain down to Who-Town. He joined hand in hand with all the whos and returned all the gifts and had a big feast. It came time for the Christmas-athon and the mayor was speaking.

' Today we have been visited by someone Who-Town hasn't seen in a while The Grinch!!!! He is expecting to win the Christmas-athon to be the new mayor, well we all know that's not going to happen.'
then little Cindy said, 'this Christmas I learned that it's not what is on the outside but its whats on the inside that counts, even though the Grinch might be hideous he is still a who like the rest of us and should have an equal chance to be mayor!!!'
Then everyone cheered go Grinch!!!!

After that day the Grinch was treated equal to everyone else and was the new mayor of Who-Town. All the kids looked up to the once looked down on GRINCH!!!

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