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February 20, 2009
By Carissa Drake BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
Carissa Drake BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
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Snow White, Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, Happy, Prince, Narrator/Mirror, and a newspaper reporter

Set Up: A newspaper journalist has come to the prince and snow white?s house. It is the 15th anniversary of Snow White coming back to life. He is going to write a story about what happened to snow, when the dwarfs ask to tell the whole story. Snow agrees and they tell their side of what happens.

Scene 1:
(The dwarfs are all sitting on a circle on the floor in snow white?s living room. They are by a fire. The prince and snow white are sitting on a white loveseat and he has his arm around her. The reporter is sitting in a small wooden chair by the fire. He has a big pad of paper, a pencil in his hand, and an extra behind his ear. The prince has on a nice suite and snow is in her signature dress. The dwarfs are also dressed as they normally are. Sleepy is asleep in front of the fire. Sneezy has five boxes of Kleenex and has tissues thrown everywhere around him. Grumpy is sitting off by himself, far away from the rest of the group. Happy is sitting next to Doc and Bashful is sitting on the other side of Doc with red cheeks, hiding his face. Dopey is sitting by snow white?s feet, as if she is his mother.)

Reporter: As you know next week will be the 15th anniversary of you, Mrs. White, coming back to life. I?ve heard the tale before, and I thought it was so interesting that I would like to write a follow-up recounting exactly what happened to make you go and live with these (motioning to the dwarfs) little men, and what it was like there.

Snow White: Well, it is actually quite a long tale, and I would hate to take all of your time, so what if I just briefly describe it.

Reporter: It?s really no problem Mrs. White. My day is empty and I?m ready for all the facts. (Points to his big pad of paper and pencils)

Snow White: Please, call me snow. Well I would love to help you with whatever I can, and I do have some time while the cookies are in the oven.

Reporter: Well alrighty Snow, tell me the whole story of Snow White.

Grumpy: It?s not all about the woman you know.

Doc: (Stuttering) Uh Gru-Grumpy peas be, uh uh please be polite.

Happy: (Smiles) Excuse him. He gets nervous sometimes around new people.

Grumpy: (Mumbles something and rolls his eyes)

Snow White: That is true Grumpy. The real stars of this story are my best friends here. (Motions to the dwarfs)

Prince: Hey Snow, why don?t you let the dwarfs tell us all about what happened? We?ve never really heard their whole side of the story.

Snow White: That is a good idea! Oh would that be alright with you? (She says and looks to the reporter excitedly)

Reporter: Yeah, sure. That?s fine by me. I think it would be an interesting twist.

Snow White: Oh that?s just wonderful!

Doc: W-Well I can start it off. F-First of all, not everything happened exactly as snow has told it. She was dead for part of the time. It was just the seven of us living in our cottage in the woods. If I can recall, the word around the forest had been that the Queen was up to no good. The trees were whispering things about her being jealous of a princess.

Happy: Yah! One day me and Dopey (points to dopey and dopey gives a goofy smile) went for a walk in the woods. (giggles) We went a walking a looong ways down the trail when we saw the castle. And then Dopey started jumping up and down. So, I squinted my eyes and I saw it too.

Dopey: (Jumps up and down and makes his nose like a pig?s)

Happy: Yah yah Dopey! We saw?.hmm what was it?WE SAW A PIG! But it was dead and bloody.

Snow White: Oh my!

Happy: Then we saw a huntsman reachin? his hand down on in that pig and he ripped out the heart. What was even worse was that we saw him ?.uh?puttin? it into a box that must?ve been the queens. It was dark purple, her favorite color. And it had her initials on it!

Dopey: (whimpers)

Happy: Me and Dopey ran right out of there!

Doc: Yes, Yes I remember you comin? home. I saw em? come runnin? up the trail in a big uproar. Well, they told me what happened and I didn?t really believe them, so I had to see for myself. The next d-day I walked on up the trail a looong ways till I came upon the castle. Sure enough I saw the huntsman that they were talking bout? holding the same box and talking to the queen.
Sneezy: (With a voice that sounds like he has a cold) I would have?. (Starts to sneeze) I would have ?AH AH AH AH CHOOO (sneezes), screamed.

Snow White: Why bless you Sneezy.

Sneezy: Thanks, again!

Sleepy: (starts to snore by the fire and grumpy goes over and smacks him on the head and sleepy shoots up) Ow!

Snow White: Grumpy!

Grumpy: (rolls his eyes)

Sleepy: Sorry did I nod off again.

Grumpy: You were snoring again!

Sleepy: Sorry.


Doc: Yes so I tried my best to listen in and I heard the huntsman assuring the queen that the princess was dead. I didn?t really know what he was talking about at the time, and I decided there wasn?t much I could do. Us dwarfs don?t have many friends, besides each other, so I didn?t think anyone would believe us if I told. I was also scared about what the queen would do if she found out I heard her, so I ran back home.

Bashful: (blushing) Then we had dinner (Smiles and hides in his beard)

Doc: Yes, and we left our dirty dishes in the sink.

Sleepy: Doc read us a story next and then we went to sleep. (smiles and nods off again)

Grumpy: Yes, and when SOMEONE (says angrily towards Sneezy) woke us up again it was mornin?.

Doc: Yep! So we ate our breakfast and headed down to the cave.

Happy: We were signing and havin? a grand ole? time when we realized it was five o?clock.

Dopey: (points to himself)

Doc: Yes, Yes. Dopey pointed it out. Then the clock rang and everyone made their way out of the cave. We packed up our belongins? and headed back to our cottage in the woods.

Grumpy: That?s when I saw it! It still makes me mad! There was a skunk just a strollin? out of our house! (scowls)

Doc: Now, Now Grumpy. He didn?t do no harm.

Happy: And, and then we noticed something wasn?t right. There was smoke blowin? out the chim-a-ney.

Bashful: We were all scared, but we got our axes from the mine and lined up to sneak inside.

Doc: I was in the front and Dopey was trailin? behind.

Grumpy: I was convinced it was a witch.

Doc: It wasn?t. Well, anyway we walked in and something wasn?t right.

Happy: Yes, the dishes were clean.

Sleepy: And the floor was clean.

Bashful: And the cobwebs were all gone.

Doc: The table was all made up and there was something cooking over the fire.

Grumpy: Witches Brew!!

Dopey: (Acts shocked then thinks about it and shakes his head no)

Doc: No it wasn?t. It was stew. So then we realized that the person had to be upstairs!

Bashful: I was scared!

Grumpy: Yes so we scurried upstairs, bravely, and I saw a thing lyin? on my bed!

Reporter: And that was Mrs. White?

Snow White: It?s Snow please. And yes that was me! I was so tired I just fell straight to sleep when my head hit the bed.

Reporter: (nods)

Doc: There she was a lyin? on our beds. The rest of the story you pretty much know. She guessed our names, we danced and sang, and had a grand ole? time!

Dopey: (Nods and smiles)

Bashful and Happy: We loved snow!

Doc: When Snow showed up I thought that I might know who she was. I mean a beautiful female doesn?t just stumble into our cottage because she was bored. I didn? have the heart to tell her the queen wanted to murder her and I didn?t know if she already knew that, so I just warned her. I said S-Snow W-White you oughta be careful! You don?t go talkin? to anyone who you comes across!

Happy: Snow agreed to do just that, so we went off to work.

Grumpy: I knew something wasn?t right!

Dopey: (Rolls eyes)

Doc: When we were at worth, uh uh, work. When we were at work, something strange was happening. It was raining real hard and the animals didn?t seem too happy.

Happy: I suggested we go home and check on Snow White and Dopey agreed!

Doc: So we headed home and found Snow lyin? on the kitchen floor, and a pie that was burning in the oven.

Dopey: (runs in place)

Happy: Dopey thought he saw an ugly lady walking away, but we don?t really know.

Doc: We knew Snow White was dead and we were deeply upset.

Grumpy: I was angry!

Doc: We didn?t have the heart to bury Snow though. So we built a gloss coffin and gave her lots of flowers.

Grumpy: Um, you forgetting something.

Doc: W-What?

Grumpy: I didn?t tell anyone this, but I went to the queen?s castle that night.

ALL: You what?!

Grumpy: I was so angry and I knew what happened to Snow was no accident. I went to the queen?s castle with a special potion I bought awhile ago. I snuck into her room and poured it in her drink. It turned the queen into a toad and that?s what really happened to her.

Doc: What!? Everyone thought she ran away!

Grumpy: I know I did the wrong thing, but the truth is?.I loved Snow too.

Snow: Oh Grumpy! (hugs him and kisses his head)

Reporter: Wow this really is the scoop!

Doc: I guess so.

Prince: Around the time the queen went missing I heard about a woman that was lying in a coffin! I thought that it couldn?t hurt to try because I had been looking for Snow for so long, so I hopped on my horse and galloped off.

Doc: Yes, that?s when the Prince arrived at her grave. He saw her and got so?

Happy: (cutting him off) HAPPY!

Snow: He kissed me and we lived happily ever after!

Grumpy: Except for me?I?m stuck with these guys!

Dopey: (Hugs Grumpy and Grumpy smiles)

Reporter: I would also love to hear about what you?ve been doing since all this happened, Snow.

Snow: Well I would love to tell you, (beep in the back ground) but first I need to get my cookies out of the oven.

ALL DWARFS: Cookies! Hooray!

Snow: Wait just one minute! Let me see your hands.

(All the dwarfs quickly hide them except Grumpy who folds his arms angrily)

Grumpy: Ah shucks! There?s always a catch!

Lights fade


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