A Life Forever Changed

February 20, 2009
By Amandalee Arnold BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Amandalee Arnold BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Tuesday - February 18, 2020

Today in school we started doing war drills. There was an annoying, beeping alarm that went off in every class. We had to quickly hide under our desks and place our backpacks over our heads. We were not allowed to talk or whisper, even though it was just a drill. All the teachers were very serious, even though, I could tell, they didn?t know what was going on either. The principal called the whole school to an assembly, where he stated that there would be new rules and precautions at the school. He didn?t say why, but we knew it was serious, even the class clowns laughed nervously. The principal said that?s we had to wear pants and bring jackets to school. We have to wear shoes that cover our whole foot and no spaghetti straps. He said that all people will eat inside the cafeteria, and that there would be a series of drills each day. Lastly, he finished by telling us not to be scared, and that schools all over the country were having to do the same. I?m scared that something bad is going to happen. There is something that they?re not telling us.
Wednesday ? February 19, 2020
On the news today, not much was said about what was going on in the rest of the world. The broadcasters merely stated that there was some controversy over seas that would be soon taken care of. Then they went on to say that to better protect ourselves, we need to cover our arms, legs, and feet. But id the problem was being solved overseas, then why do we need to cover up? The news said that certain jobs would be shutting down for now. Why? They didn?t tell us why. They were just stating facts. Daddy is no out of work, because his house building job shut down. He doesn?t know who else will hire him; we need the money. They say on TV that everything will be okay, and that that President has everything under control. They say America is safe and won?t be part of the controversy. LIARS! They?re all liars.
Thursday ? February 20, 2020

Mommy and Daddy are always in their room, talking. They aren?t fighting like they usually do when they go into their room and shut the door. They just talk in hushed voices. Julia and I try to understand what they are saying through the door, but we can only make out a few words, such as: where, go, children, explosions, world, let, TV, President, and so on. They never tell us what they talk about; they say that they know as much as we do. I know that they know more. Daddy?s always anxious. He walks around the house with his hands in his pockets, thinking. What?s he thinking? I ask him and he says that he?s thinking about the future. Mommy?s been apprehensive lately. She looks out the window at every little sound. She has cut back on the amount of food immensely. She thinks we haven?t noticed, but I can tell. Why? Are we getting too overweight? Have the food prices gone up? I haven?t found out yet, but I will. Mommy and Daddy?s friends come over quite frequently. We play with the kids, while they talk in the back room. About what? I guess I?ll never know. So many secrets! I hate it all. I want to know what?s happening. Aren?t I old enough?
Friday ? February 21, 2020
Finally, no more secrets! We were watching the news this morning as a family, since Daddy still hasn?t found work. The news broadcasters looked as if they had sighed a ?sigh of relief?, when they said that the President had an urgent message for all of America. He looked shaken, but he said with a steady voice that war was coming. He said an alliance of South America and Africa had formed. The two continents said that they were tired of being hungry, out of money, and having less and less resources to count on. They were angry at the rest of the world for not helping them in their time of need; so South America and Africa were fighting back. Africa had already demolished Germany and France, while South America, being small, had taken Mexico. The President said that it was time for action, because South America?s next target was the U.S. They are calling it World War III. My heart jumped when I heard all of this. I never thought that something this huge would happen in my lifetime. What will we do? Will we die? Will Daddy be called on to fight? So many questions and there would be no answers. The President said that he would take this night to consider his course of action. By tomorrow morning, we would know what?s going to happen, and what?s being done. I?m so afraid! Now I know why we can?t go to school. Now I know why Mommy?s cutting down on food. Now I know why Mommy and Daddy?s friends always come over. Our world as we know it is coming to an end. World War III has begun, and my life will never be the same. I know I will have my family, but what will happen to me? I never expected any of this!
Saturday ? February 22, 2020

I?m sitting in my room with a small, empty back pack, open, on my bed. I?m trying to consider what to bring. SO much has happened in the past twenty- four hours. The President was on the news again this morning, telling us what he?s decided. He said that South America was advancing very quickly, and that Africa was sending troops. The President seemed hesitant to tell us about his plan, but he went on. He said that for a few years now, the space program has been secretly building on the Moon with his permission. He said he didn?t tell us for the benefit of times like these. He wanted to build on the Moon incase a war started that couldn?t be stopped. Now it was time. Women and children, as always, while the men stayed to fight. It would take some time for all the women to travel to the Moon. With sadness on his face, he said that people in hospitals and retirement homes would not be traveling to the Moon. I cried a great deal of tears this morning as I realized both sets of grandparents would not be joining us on the Moon. Mommy cried a lot. We all did. Daddy would not be coming with us. He would have to stay and fight. I still have hope, after all the women and children are on the Moon, which is still a shock, that then he might be able to come as well. I?ll never give up trusting that he will come. The President went on to say that we were allowed to bring a backpack full of anything we wanted. He said he was very sorry, and that he would stay in America, side by side our fathers, brothers, and husbands. Now I?m sitting here, wondering what I should put in the backpack. Should I take things to do? Will the Moon be boring? How many pairs of clothes should I bring along? Will there be stores and malls? How long will we be staying? Should I take my favorite stuffed animal with me? I can?t take everything! This is much harder than I thought it would be.
Sunday ? February 23, 2020

I?m finally on the Spaceship, Daring Dream, after a very eventful morning. In my backpack, I finally decided to bring: a week?s supply of clothes, my favorite stuffed animal, my toothbrush and toothpaste, a hairbrush, this journal, and gum. I decided I?d rather have the journal than the photographs. It?s really hard to make those kinds of decisions. What would you choose to bring? This morning we went to the closest space plant in Ohio. We had to wait for hours. Oh yeah, I also brought my favorite book, the Lord of the Rings. I started reading it while we were waiting. Julia was whining so much. I wanted to cut off her head! Finally we put our bags through to be checked; none of ours beeped in the metal detectors. Then we waited some more, just like in airports, to board the spaceship. We had to wait another two hours to board. It was the longest wait of my life! Mommy and Julia fell asleep. I couldn?t. I was too excited and too scared. What would the Moon be like? Will we have to wear those whit astronaut suits all the time? How is Daddy doing? Will he join us soon? About thirty minutes ago, we took off. I was scared that we might blow up, but I guess the spaceship has been perfected. I saw the land disappearing fast. I said a short prayer for this new life ahead.
Monday ? February 24, 2020

We arrived on the Moon late this afternoon. It is so different than I expected it to be! There are thousands of small, well sealed houses everywhere. We live in a house with two other families. It is very crowded, but houses are being built by the day here, so we should have at least one family move out soon. There are no plants or animals. I miss the greenness of America, and I really am heartbroken about leaving our dog. We have to stay in our houses as much as possible, for if we go outside, then we have to put on spacesuits and be accompanied by one of the people in charge. We have computers in our house, about three. They are for school. A teacher is broadcasted every day, so that we won?t miss school. News is frequently spread about what is going on down in earth: South America and the U.S. are fighting desperately, there are hundreds dead, Africa has taken over Russia and India, and the world is being destroyed. I pray that Daddy is safe, and that he will come soon. The time here seems to go by slow. I can never really tell what time it is. I found out that Savannah, my bf, lives next door. I am so happy that I get to see her. It is scary being in a new place and living in a different way of life. There aren?t any stores, but supplies is divvied out equally. I hope once things have settled down up here that life can sort of go back to how we knew it on Earth. I scared living here. Anything could go wrong, and we could die. Nothing is the same! I will have to get used to it here though, because we were told that we would be staying for a while, until everything calms down. This is a new adventure, and I?m ready to take it on!
Tuesday ? February 25, 2020

It has only been a week since this all started, but this one week has changed my life forever. For better or for worse? We shall see. The women and children have almost all arrived. I hope we have enough room! Starting tomorrow, men will start being shipped here to the Moon. Is Daddy still alive? The President has said that he will come on the last space ship. What a brave man. There is a clock in the dining room of our house, so I can tell what time it is, but I?m still confused. It is sometimes dark when it?s ten in the morning and light in the middle of the night. I just realized that everything I used to do, all the traditions my family kept, my favorite places, are all gone. Every Spring Break we went fishing. Each Thanksgiving we would get together with my Mom?s side of the Family. Every Christmas, we traveled down to Florida to see our Grandparents on my Dad?s side. My favorite shopping spot, Charlotte Rousse, is gone. My secret hiding place where I go went I want to be alone, behind my house in a tree, is gone. At least I have all the memories, and those can never be taken from me. I will hold tight to what I?ve been through, and I will look forward to what life will bring. This is my new life; I will embrace it. I admit, I?m always apprehensive, but at least my family is close by. Life always changes on us, and we have to be ready at all times. This is just another turn in my rode, but that doesn?t mean it?s bad. I am trying to be optimistic, though I?m scared to death about what?s ahead. I can only pray and hope for the best. This week has been the most life changing experience ever. I will never be the same. I think I have come out stronger but also distressed. I believe that something good will come out of all this, and I look forward to a world with no more wars and no more changes. My life has been forever changed.

The author's comments:
I have never been good at writing Science Fiction, but this story cam to mind, and it inspired me to write. This story gives a perspevtive of what things would be like if another World War were to hit. It makes you consider what things are special to you, and what things you think you could never let go of. It made me really think as I was writing. What would I be willing to do if my life was in danger?

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