The Haunting

February 20, 2009
By Anonymous

It was cold and gloomy the day that he stopped by for a visit. I wasn?t expecting him, but just like a ghost he suddenly appeared. Nobody could see him, and that was what scared me the most. Not knowing when he might attack, feasting on me, his new prey. He had a vision here, to cause pain and suffering, cast his menacing shadow all over town, my town, the town of Elmwood, and to hunt me down. Death was finally here and wanted nobody else, but me, and nothing would stand in the way of that want.
?Marie hurry up your going to be late for school,? my mom shouted across the house. ?Coming,? I replied. I quickly put on my jacket and raced outside. Hopefully I wouldn?t miss the bus this time. Of course luck is never on my side and I missed the bus, forced to walk the 2 miles to school in the pouring rain and howling wind. ?It?s okay,? I thought to myself, ?Today is going to be a great day despite the gloomy weather.? Little did I know that my luck wasn?t getting any better.
I was almost at school, about a half mile left when I saw him. He was creeping towards me, silently and ever so swiftly as to not to be seen. He was ghostly white with faint red scars all over his face. His clothes were tattered and he had on no shoes despite this horrific weather. But what gave me goose bumps were his dark menacing eyes staring directly at me. I shuddered and quickened my pace as to escape his terrifying glance.
School was a drag. After an endless day of math formulas, writing prompts, and boring teachers, I was thrilled when the bell rang, signaling the end of school. ?Hey Marie try not to miss the bus now,? mocked my friend Lorraine. ?Very funny Lo, but I think I?m going to walk home instead, now that it has stopped raining. I think I need some fresh air,? I replied. ?Hey I?ll come with you,? said Lauren. ?I don?t even like riding the bus that much anyway.? ?Okay sure.? I responded. With that the two of us began our journey home, although only one would end it.

We passed the time listening to my ipod. We both love music and making up crazy dances to our favorite songs. We were listening to The Haunting. It?s an eerie and spooky song, but it has an awesome beat and guitar solo. We were in the middle of rocking out and dancing (if you could even call it that) when I saw him again, standing just a few feet in front of us. ?Hey Lo, do you see that strange guy standing just a few feet away from us?? I asked. ?He looks pretty creepy.? ?I think this song is getting to you,? Lo chuckled, ?there?s nobody anywhere near us.? I knew she was wrong, he was right there, why couldn?t she see him? He suddenly started coming towards us, grinning an evil smile, his dark eyes gleaming. ?Uhhh Lo I think we should turn around now, he?s coming towards us,? I screamed and quickly started running in the opposite direction. ?Marie what are you talking about? There is no guy coming towa?.? Her voice suddenly stopped. ?Lauren,? I whispered. I slowly turned around not knowing what to expect. All I remember is seeing my best friend lying on the now red sidewalk before I passed out.
I awoke with my head throbbing somehow lying in my bed. ?I don?t remember coming home,? I thought ?And where is Lauren?? That is when I remembered him. His evil smile and menacing eyes staring directly at me as if I was his prey. Then I remembered seeing Lauren lying on the ground, still and unmoving. Before I knew it I was screaming and shaking uncontrollably. ?Honey are you alright?? my mother asked rushing into my room. ?No,? I sobbed. ?He?s following me and he got Lauren.? ?And who exactly is ?he??? asked my mother. ?I don?t know,? I said confusing myself. ?But he is out to get me and has already gotten Lo, I saw her lying on the sidewalk in a pool of blood.? I continued to sob. ?Honey what are you talking about? You and Lauren were on your way home when a huge gust of wind knocked her to the ground,? she explained. ?She fell hard and needed some stitches but she will survive. I can?t believe that you don?t remember.? ?Maybe I?m just tired,? I thought. But deep in the back of my mind I knew that what I saw walking home was what really happened.
That night I was sitting on the front porch pondering everything that happened today. So much for today being a great day right? At that moment I heard a scream coming from inside of the house. ?Mom,? I yelled rushing into the house. ?Mommy isn?t here anymore,? said a raspy voice. I turned around and there he was again. ?Where is she?? I demanded ?Bring her back.? ?I can?t do that,? he said. ?But you are welcome to join her, I can arrange that.? ?Who are you and what do you want from me?? I frightfully asked. ?I am death,? he spoke calmly, ?and I am bringing you with me.?
The next moment I was in a dingy and dark prison cell. There were rats crawling all over the floor, and bones lying everywhere. It smelled like rotting flesh and I quickly covered my nose with my hands. ?Death?? I asked. ?How can you be death?? ?I am everyone?s fate he replied ?and I have been following you for quite a little while.? ?Well why?? I asked meekly. ?It is time for you to join me. Never have I seen someone like you in all of my years,? he replied. ?I need you, come here and live with me.? ?No,? I shouted back forcefully. ?Okay,? he said ?You asked for it?. Then in one swift movement, he pounced.
I awoke hearing the sound of my mothers? voice. ?Marie it?s time for school, you don?t want to be late?. ?Wow was that really just a dream,? I thought to shocked to even think straight. That dream felt so real it was terrifying. Losing my best friend and mom, and being haunted by Death himself. I shivered glad that I was finally awake. ?Well I don?t want to miss the bus,? I thought. I got my backpack and headed out the door. On the crowded bus I told Lauren about my crazy and scary nightmare. ?OMG Marie that is so funny,? she laughed. ?Like that would ever really happen?. ?Yea you are right,? I told her. ?It was just a silly dream?. I turned my head looking out the bus window and I could have sworn that I saw a pale white boy in tattered clothes, wearing no shoes eyes looking directly at me, revenge in his eyes. I shuddered and made sure that I didn?t miss the bus that day on the way home.

The author's comments:
I have never written a horror story before,well nothing remotely scary that is. However, I am always open to trying new things and even though its not what i usually write,I decided to go for it. You never know how things will turn out unless you try, so always try your hardest and go for your dreams.

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