The Death Defying Act

February 19, 2009
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The door flies open and josh walks in wearing grey sweats and an old Westfield sweat shirt ?Brother! Wake up we?re going sledding!? he yelled as he threw a pair of sweats a Zach.

?Uhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggaaaaaaaaaa? Zach groans as the pants hit him.

?Sasha, get em up and going.? Josh says to the Siberian Malamute curled up into a ball at the end of the bed. Sasha jumps up and starts attacking Zach with licks and nudges.?
?O.k. I?m going, I?, up!? Zach yells pushing the slobbery beast away.
?Ten minutes? Josh says laughing as he walks out of the room closing the door. Groggily Zach gets out of bed and walks to the window. Pushing aside the curtain to reveal a sunny day and what looks like a half an inch of snow on the ground. Shaking his head Zach turns around puts on a pair of jeans and the sweats that his brother lovingly threw at him. Zach looked around the room and found a sweat shirt and pulled it on. He walked to the door turned around to Sasha, who was sitting on the bed watching him, motioned to the door and said ?Well lets go.? Sasha bounded off the bed and they both headed down stairs to where Josh was waiting for them. ?Is there even enough snow on the ground to sled?? Josh asked Zach when he found him sitting on the couch eating an apple.
?For the type of sledding we are going to be doing yeah this is more than enough.? Josh said with a mischievous grin on his face. ?Come on lets go?
?Oh joy this should be interesting? Zach says as the three of them get into the cab of Joshes S10 Zr2. They drive about 10 minutes and pull into the back parking lot of an office complex. Josh jumps out of the truck and a walk back to the bed, opens it and pulls out a sled and a rope. Looking around the parking lot at the relatively flat terrain the plan that josh has pops into his head. He tells Sasha to stay and hops out of the car, walking to the back of the truck and says ?I see where you?re going with this and I call first dibs!? Laughing Josh tosses the plastic green sled which is now tied to the trailer hitch of the truck back behind the truck and walks back to the driver seat of the truck Zach walks to the sled and sits down on his knees on the sled. Josh revs the engine of the truck and Josh gives him the thumbs up to go. The truck shoots off pulling the sled with it. Once the truck gets up to around 25 miles an hour Josh starts experimenting. He starts drifting left and then turning right. After a few minutes Zach spots a large open area at the edge of the lot. He sits up a bit and points to the area then makes a circle in the air with his finger. In the cab Josh gives the thumbs up and heads in that direction. When he gets there he starts going in circles causing Zach to whip around and increase speed, Soon 35 miles an hour turns into 30 miles an hour then 35 miles an hour, with each increase in speed the curb is getting closer and closer to Zach. A loud thud echoes around the parking lot as Zach slams against the curb causing him to barrel roll through the air and hit the ground and start rolling down the hill. Snaps and thuds make their way up the hill as Zach hits tree after tree finally coming to a rest at the bottom of the hill. Sasha immediately starts barking and pawing at the door wildly trying to get out and get to Zach.
Josh slams on the breaks and jumps out of the truck running after Josh. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees what happened. A line of blood has coated the snow where Zach rolled down and a tree that looked like it had been there only a few months was snapped in half. ?Oh god I killed him!? Josh yelled as he ran to Zach who was lying on the ground motionless. Sasha cautiously sniffs Zach and licks his face causing Zach to groan and with a sigh of relief he said ?Oh thank God you?re alive.?
?I don?t feel like it? Zach Groaned not daring to move.
?Come on let?s get you to the hospital.? Josh said as he helped Zach up and led him to the truck.
After a barrage of tests and x-rays the doctors told Zach he was very lucky and that he only needed a few stitches where he stuck one of the trees but that he would be very bruised for the next few days. He also told Josh the he was very stupid for coming up with this idea nad thinking it was safe.
The got into the truck and headed home. ?Ok so there needs to be more snow next time and I promise I will stay away from the curb.? Josh said with a smile. Zach didn?t respond he just closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep.

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