The Radtastic Adventures Of Pep頁nd ZoZo

February 19, 2009
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We join our friends at their ?meeting tree? were Pepé ³its awaiting the arrival of ZoZo, his girlfriend. These two dinosaurs are where we will be directing our attention for the next however many pages. ZoZo and Pepé ¨ad to meet in secret because their love was forbidden, for you see Pepé ·as a Veloceraptor and ZoZo was a Stegosaurus . It was forbidden because ZoZo was a veggie and Pepé ·as a meat eater. This is the story of how they overcame the obstacles that got in their way.
Shall we first get to know our two main dinosaurs and their families? Lets start with Pep鬠shall we, he is sixteen years old and lives in a little dino town called Serji . He lives with his mother, his father and his older brother. He?s somewhat a rebel, he likes to go against the norm, and he has his own way of doing everything. He isn?t necessarily a bad dino just a unique one. He has eyes as blue as the ocean and his skin is a brilliant shade of orange like a sunset on a beautiful summer evening. He?s the outcast of his family. He is a straight A student at Bonsai High School. He volunteers at the cave-less shelter. After all those cave-less dinos need love too. He also enjoys going to the human shelter to play with the humans. Humans are a marvelous specie indeed, and they can be quite playful, but they frighten easily.
Since first meeting ZoZo his life has been filled with hate and resentment, because he had made a vow to never eat another living thing. When his family found out they threw a fit. They told him that as long as he lives under their roof he will eat what they eat. Pepé ·as a stubborn dino when it came to the things he felt strongly about, so he said he will do what he wants, and eat what he wants. The family did not take kindly to this so they quietly shunned him for 8 months.
Onto ZoZo and her family, she is fifteen years old and lives in a city called Sasuke she lives with her mother, father, and younger brother. She was a deep shade of blue and had wonderful green eyes. She is a very unique loser, her group of friends are the smart-ish outcasts in their neighborhood. Her family only sees the bad stuff she does. She is a straight C student at Buttercup Alternative High School. She hung out with the wrong crowd and did some terrible things .
ZoZo?s family was very busy and favored her little brother. They only noticed when she did something bad, other then that they really couldn?t care less what she did .
Onto their story, they met at a feeding frenzy when Pepé’³ family attacked ZoZo?s family. It was horrible and very gore filled . ZoZo managed to hide away so they couldn?t find her, and Pepé ¤idn?t want to attack and eat other dinosaurs so he just sat in a corner the whole time. This forced ZoZo and her brother to live with their annoying overprotective grandma. His family left, but Pepé ³tayed in the little city. He found ZoZo and she was scared of him at first but after he said it was ok, he didn?t eat meat, he was nice, and all that good stuff, she came out and they walked around Sasuke . This was a year ago Friday. And they have been meeting secretly ever since. If their families, his parents or her grandma, were ever to find out that they have been meeting, they would be instantly killed.
One day ZoZo was walking to the meeting tree but little did she know her little brother was following her . When she arrived, she sat and waited beside the tree and carved their initials into the tree yet again . Her brother sat on a nearby cliff and watched his sister. Soon, Pepé ³howed up and kissed ZoZo. Her little brother, having seen this, ran home to tell his grandma. This was a bad thing. Luckily, her little brother was no ninja and they heard him run off screaming ?OHHH!!! ZOZO I?M GONNA TELL GRANDMA.?
ZoZo and Pepé ²an after him in an attempt to beat him to her grandma?s house. They caught up with him at the bottom of the cliff. He tried to get away but they couldn?t let him, this was a bit of a pickle. They decided to tie him up and put him in a nearby abandoned cave until they could think of a good plan.
They weren?t mean about it though, they brought him food and stayed and talked to him . They tried for 3 days to talk him out of telling grandma. Luckily grandma was blind and didn?t notice that he was missing, she mistook a chair for him. She just thought he was being very quiet and polite.
Two weeks passed and grandma started to get suspicious and asking questions. ZoZo knew she had to act fast, so her and Pepé ¤evised a somewhat overused and cliché °lan. They decided to run away . They untied her brother and set off to someplace far away where they can live happily ever after.
They got to a little loch ness monster fishing village, and decided to stay there . Upon arrival they met a small loch ness monster kid by the name of Todd. Todd was brown and a very dark green color, his neck was long and he had weird bumps all over his skin. When ZoZo asked him why he was in the buff he replied why this is a nudist colony didn?t you read the sign. They hadn?t read that part of the sign and were caught very off guard by this. They thought they escaped the things that kept them apart and so they decided to get in the spirit of things and get naked .
They saw a cute little studio cave and decided to stay there for the rest of their lives. The studio cave was only 100 shells a month and it was cozy and neat. It had beautiful paintings on the walls and on the ceiling. They also decided to adopt a pet human to care for. They were the perfect little family .
Three months passed by. Pepé ¨ad a job and ZoZo was pregnant, life was good. Everything was hunky dory . On their two year anniversary ZoZo gave Pepé ´he wonderful gift of a baby boy dino thing. However, it was so hideously deformed and not very healthy so it died two days later.
ZoZo blamed Pepé ¦or the little baby?s death because Pepé ·as not a very responsible person. One day while Pepé ·as at work ZoZo started thinking about what life would be like if Pepé ·as gone.
A few more months flew by and ZoZo was pregnant again. Eighteen weeks later she miscarried and once again blamed it on Pepé® This happened two more times, each time she blamed it on Pepé ®
After their four year anniversary Pepé ·as so annoyed with ZoZo that at times he wanted to kill her. However, one day ZoZo decided she couldn?t take it anymore. She wanted so bad to have a kid and live like a pretty little perfect family. She made a plan to take drastic actions. She went to the nearest store and bought a brand new knife. With this knife she had all she needed to complete her very drastic plan. She thought this was the only way she could be happy, after all, she had been very depressed since the miscarriages. So with the knife in hand she walked to the bedroom. She took the knife and gently slit Pepé’³ throat . Then she proceeded to eat him . This was awkward for her since she was a veggie, and therefore did not eat meat, normally.
After all this went down she found a nice loch ness monster and they settled down and had 42 kids. They lived happily ever after.
Oh, and grandma never found out.

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