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October 1, 2016
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These are just a few works that I figured I should share with some people. Some are sad, some are funny, and some may make you say 'awe'. Please note that I am still learning and improving my writing skills. Lastly, hope you all enjoy. 

Chapter 1: Coffee Woes

I sit here, the soft light illuminating my paper, yet still does my and cast a shadow. With broadening colors that compliment each other in soft tones, whether it be on the furniture or walls. I sit here, hearing the exchange of laughter between other passing conversations. With each new face that enter's this tiny shop, carries a different story than my own. Each person's eye's carrying a unique sense of self, voice ranging from high to low, I relax and listen. The occasional sounds of machines clunking together in sweet melodies to remind others that their drinks are on the way. I sit here, as others are busy with their own stories. Worker's working to make their wages behind the counter, Student's lining the chairs in solo's, duets, and trio's; all trying to make sense of their assignments. Whether it be math, to chorus, to science, with mixtures of grammar lessons that don't make sense they try to find the missing keys to the right answers.

Slowly we all open our eyelid's to the things around us. To the sight's they behold, With sounds of conversation moving to things of new from old. Where new idea's come to light, where we take in new perspectives and are bold. Everyone has a story, some wish their's could be told. With each new experience comes more knowledge, and that in a way is the telling of how much we humans could know. Our minds are endless, our strength is unbound, only our own imagination can hold us down, but instead it lifts us with a new found interest. Here I sit, sipping my drink in this coffee shop, listening to the sounds and sight's it holds. 

Chapter 2: Heart to Heart I want to listen, to hear your story. Not through my ears, but through my heart. I wish to be caressed by your words that are sweet, yet I shall be filled with sorrow when that same voice makes cries for help and screams.
When I saw you standing there, despite not knowing one another, I hoped I would get to see into your mind that has many ideas and vast curiosity.Wallow's, Sorrow's, favorite memories, and more, I wish to hear them all. Tell me your story, tell me of the thing's you'll remember until the day you die, stories of the first girl you kissed, to how your heart became broken when she left you for a man who could 'give her more'. Tell me the memories of when you use to watch Saturday morning cartoons, or how you use to look up to your favorite marvel character. I won't judge you for the mistakes you have made, I will, however, hope that you had learned from them.

One day you asked me why. Why did I want to know your story? My response, although not said allowed to fill your ears, I too asked myself why. Why had I have been so fixed on knowing what your story was, after all it should be none of my concern. Why did I wish to know, what had made me so happy when you spoke? I realized what it was then as I began to put each new thought together, and I hoped t say 'I wish to know who you are. What makes you smile, and to also know what makes you cry. I wish to know your heart as well as my own, For I love listening to your heart's sweet melodies; When your heart sings, It is of pain, of fear, but of laughter too. It has brought both smile's and tears. I simply love to hear you dreams, desires, and everything else, my dear.'

I wished to tell you all of this, but instead, I looked up and smiled. Even no words were said, I remember that your eyes gave me a message. ' Mine is a fair trade for yours, just as you say, I wish for the same, but maybe even more.' We smiled, we knew of each other's wishes from our hearts, and from that day we acted upon our wishes. We took our time, each new story created a new note, but no longer did our hearts sing our own solo pieces, but a duet. With each passing moment, the tone became better, the sound became more vibrant, and even today, I still love it. Chapter Notes: Hope you enjoy!

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