September 26, 2016
By , sacrmento, CA

Well this one day in middle school i was playing with my friends lighter they dare me to burn a piece of paper so in my head i was think to myself i ain't no chicken so i said “ok” so my my note book was in my backpack i walk to grab a piece of paper tread it out i had my friends lighter and set the paper on fire then i blow after that the paper was burnt and the paper was still burning but i didn't  know then i throw away after i did that it started to burn the plastic burn  in the trash can and e the paper my teacher seen it he grab the trash put it out the class then went back in grab his water bottle and put out the flames my teacher was really mad he ask the class” who did it” we stood silent he called the vp…vice principal he serch everyone back then he called me up he look in my backpack found the lighter in my backpack told me to got to the office and i did i was so scared they called my parents and then i got suspend i learned my lesson. Don't do dumb things in class!!!  

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