The Colors We Share

September 25, 2016
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Red--the color flashing before my eyes as his fist makes contact with my face.


He cracks his gnarled knuckles, ready to strike again. I brace myself by squeezing my eyes shut. My body quivers in fear, in pain, in the same routine.




Blue--the color I see in his eyes as he strikes me again.


I feel numb from the familiar sensation that travels throughout my body as he heartily laughs, as if this is normal, as if this is fine.




Black--the color of the ground as he forces me to stare at it aimlessly.


My stomach is in licorice twists as he mercilessly kicks me like I’m his punching bag, his fun toy.




Red--the color that leaves my mouth with a repulsive metal taste.


My limp body thuds to the floor as he drops it, as if a lifeless body was dropped.

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