The Journey to Olympus

September 10, 2016
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It was a wonderful morning in Alfea. Bloom was sitting next to a crystal blue water fountain. For some reason ever since she has moved to Alfea she found something strange about this fountain. Then out of the blue a regular sized fish leaped out of the water.
“Hi, my name is Rose, and your name is Bloom,” said the beautiful fish.
“Wait a second, you can talk? And, how do you know my name?” asked Bloom.
“I have known you for a very long time, actually ever since you were born,” replied Rose.
“How?” asked Bloom.
“Guess?  It has something to do with your mother,” said Rose.
“My mother, but….. she passed away 12 years ago, when I was born,” Bloom said in a whisper.
“That's what you think happened, your dad lied to you, he did it to protect you. You mother is ………… goddess!” screamed Rose.
“Yeah right, and why I should believe you, now this is just a dream and in a few minutes I am going the wake up. Any second now,” Bloom said confidently.
“This is not a dream, this is reality. Your mother made me your keeper when you were born then she went she went back to Mount Olympus, she couldn’t handle the responsibility, that also explains why I can talk,” said Rose.
“Ok if all of this is true why didn’t you tell me all of this before?” asked Bloom.
“To keep you safe, and you wouldn’t have understood this when you were little,” said Rose.
“Why haven’t I ever met her?” asked Bloom.
“You aren’t Athena’s only child you know, anyways you have met her; you were only a year old, you didn’t even know she was your mother at that time. You might not know but your mother does check up on you every year,” Rose replied.
“My mother is the goddess Athena, as in the goddes of wisdom?  Well than I simply must meet her!”
“Well no can do sister the journey to Olympus is quite far and dangerous,” Rose nodded with disapproval.
“ I just have to!” Bloom cried out.
“Fine but you will have to be prepared for an adventure,” warned Rose.
“So how do we get there?” asked Bloom.
“Well, to go inside the gates of Olympus you need to have the 5 magical keys,” replied Rose
“Great, so where do we get these keys?” asked Bloom.
“In the 5 different worlds, Solaria, the world of sun, Andros, the word of water, Limphea, the world of nature, Zenith the world of technology and last but not least Melody, the world of music,” replied Rose.
“Wait, before we leave, we need to get you some water and a large bowl for you to breath in” said Bloom.
“That's ok, I don't need water air is like water for be, I can swim in the air which explains how i'm floating in thin air.
“We also need some transportation, well,  you do,” said Rose. A few seconds later, they were on their way on a bright pink motorcycle, which belonged to Bloom’s older sister Lilly.
“don’t you need to tell your family or something that you are going somewhere?” Rose asked.
“Na, they are way too busy in their own lives to care about someone else’s.” Bloom replied.
“So how do we get to Solaria anyways?” asked Bloom.
“Easy, just go through that brick wall,” Rose replied calmly.
“Are you crazy, we will break every part in our bodies, well mostly mine!” screamed Bloom.
“I am not crazy,  just a genius. To enter another world, you go through something that is unusual, A brick wall isn’t very unusual but it worked for me last time, but it is actually a magic portal to other worlds. In some cases you might also have to find a clue,” said Rose.
“USUALLY?!  Bloom hollered. As they entered the brick wall they entered a very bright world. Rose was right, it was portal.
“My eyes, they feel like they are on fire! Why can’t I see anything?” Bloom cried out.
“Oops, I almost forgot” Rose spoke as she handed Bloom a pair of sunglasses, “here take these sunglasses, they will help.”
“What good will that do?” she asked.
“ Just trust be and put them on!” she yelled back.
“What are these?” Bloom asked.
“Those sunglasses aren’t your ordinary sunglasses, they are more than five-thousand times stronger. They are specifically made for the sun rays of Solaria. Solaria’s sun’s rays are so powerful they can disintegrate any regular human being. Now you must me wonder, why didn’t you disintegrate. Well, I had a feeling that we were going to arrive in Solaria first so I put a spell on you in advance to protect you from turning into thin air. After Bloom put on the sunglasses she automatically felt better. She started getting her vision and her headache which she had before was gone. That's when she noticed a beautiful girl who looked as old as Bloom.
“Hi, My name is Stella, I am the princess of Solaria and the daughter of Aphrodite. You don’t look like you’re from around here,” said Stella.
“My name is Bloom, and you are right, we aren’t from around here. We are looking for the golden key of Solaria. By any chance, do you know where it is?” asked Bloom. “ I do, but I can’t give it to any random stranger. You must prove yourself to be! announced Stella.
“And how do you suppose that we could do that” Bloom asked annoyingly.
“Well you must answer my riddle of course!”
“Fine, what is your riddle?” asked Bloom.
“What can go up but never can come down?” asked Stella. Bloom was certainly puzzled. After a few minutes of quiet brainstorming she finally had found an answer.
“It is age!” Bloom exclaimed in triumph.
“You are right, you very talented indeed! I shall show the location, follow me!” replied Stella. Stella lead Bloom and Rose into the throne room of the castle. She picked up a small golden pole and rubbed it, then, a small golden key appeared.
“Here you go,” said Stella as she gave Bloom the key. “But why do you want it anyways?” asked Stella before handing Bloom the key.
“We want to enter Olympus,” said Bloom.
“Can I come, the Solaria palace is so boring, nothing ever exciting happens around here.
“Ok, sure,” replied Bloom.
“Now we just have to find a magic portal to Andros,” said Rose
“So if Andros is the world of water, why don’t we head down with the waterfall?” asked Bloom.
“Good thinking, Bloom!” said Rose. They found a large leaf, which the three of them could fit in, and sat inside it. When they reached the end of the waterfall, they entered the world of Andros. When they arrived they quickly entered the palace of Andros. When they made their way to the throne room (with Stella’s instructions), they saw a girl sitting on one of the 3 thrones.
“Aisha!” Stella screamed as she ran over to the girl, and hugged her.
“You girls know each other?” asked Bloom.
“Of course we do, I know the princesses of all the worlds. In fact they’re also my best friends! How did you think I knew the way around the palace?” replied Stella. “Aisha do you have the water key?” asked Stella.
“Ummmmmm……………… yes.” She got a sparkly blue box from the side of the throne and gave the water key to them.
“Thanks, Aisha, now we just have to get 3 more keys!” said Stella
Do you want to come to Olympus with us?” asked Stella.
“Sure,” said Aisha.
“Since Limphea is the world of flowers I suggest we enter portrait of a flower!” said Stella. When they reached Limphea they found Flora, near a flower garden, close to the gates of Limphea. The princess of flowers  was singing to the flowers. She was speaking to them as if they were children
“Wow this place is beautiful, Flora!” said Bloom.
“Thank you,” Flora softly and quietly replied. Then when they asked for the key of nature, Flora held out her hand on sides. One branch quickly wrapped around Flora’s hand with her other hand she carefully opened the wine and took out the soft, green nature key. It was fuzzy and colorful.
“Thanks Flora,” said Aisha
“You are welcome,”
“Do you want to come with us?”
“Next is Zenith, and I think we should follow that path, it’s a volcano. Hey Flora are there any volcanoes in Limphea?”
“No, there aren’t, that's quite strange.”
“ It is an illusion. Which kind of relates to technology I guess,”  When they were finally in Zenith they met Techna. Her outfit was covered with pixels, and in her hand was a video game.
“Hang on, just give me a second, I just need to defeat this final level.” said Techna without looking up from her video game. A few seconds later  Techna turned off the device. “Hi, i’m Techna, i’m the princess of technology, and you are?”she holds up a Ipad.
“I’m Bloom, and we were hoping to ask you if you had the key of Zenith?”
“What! What do you mean? Where is it?”
“Well actually, it’s right here but it has a password. I’ve been trying to figure it out for years, it says it’s an important date regarding me.” says Techna as she holds up a Ipad.
“THINK TECHNA, THINK!!!!!” screamed all of them at once.
“Is it my favorite number, nope” Techna resulted error.
“I’ve got it! 2/3/15, The day that I was programed into a robot!” says Techna with excitement. And it worked, and out came the key that was hidden inside for almost 30 years.
“For the land of Melody I think we should follow the music.” So they did, and reached Melody. They also met Musa the princess of music. When she pulled out the key of melody out of a medium size harp, a soft tune began to play and Musa started singing.
“La La,la, la, la” sang Musa. It was beautiful. Then Musa gave then the 5th key and a door popped in front of them they put in all the 5 keys and entered Olympus they went inside the palace. It was like the gods were having a meeting There was Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis and Persephone. Bloom  immediately could tell who her mom!
Athena walked over to her and said “My child  you have completed your quest, and I must reward you.”
She took a diamond necklace out from a glass case. “Whenever you want to see me throw this necklace on to the floor. It will create a magical portal to Olympus, and don’t worry, the necklace will reform again and then return right back to you. Now hurry on, you must go back to Earth your parents must be worried sick..” When Bloom got back to Earth her new friends decided that they would be staying with her, down at earth!

So even though Bloom had gone on a magical journey and just returned a few hours ago, Bloom’s life is still pretty normal except for Rose, the talking fish . And it is really great that her friends gave up their royal lives with servants and rich food, and came to stay with Bloom down at Earth. Sometimes Bloom wonders if she should use the diamond necklace that her mother, Athena, gave her. After all she has been through she thinks her normal life is weird. Her friends keep on telling her to try to use the necklace but she always ignores them, giving an excuse such as, “I will use it someday.” That is Bloom’s best excuse. But her friends and Rose believe that she will someday.

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