The Climb

September 10, 2016
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IIt was time, I have to do this. The sport of free climbing has been in my family for 100 years. I paced around the, back and forth. In one hour or less everybody will be watching me, they will be watching me fall to my doom, they will watch me die! Everyone in the place and kingdom thinks i've been practicing for more than 4 years but that's not true, with all of the castle duties I have, I never get any time to practice, the only practice I ever had seriously was for 2 months.

“Mr. William, it’s to face your doom!” said my advisor.
“What?!” I screamed
“Just kidding, the whole nation will be watching you, no pressure, and you have nothing to worry about since you’ve been practicing for more than 4 years. Right?”
“Um yeah totally”
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes i’m totally sure, do we have to go already?”
“Yes, you have to go meet the queen of london in the evening, we have a tight schedule.”
“Like i'm going to be alive by then” I muttered to myself
“What did you say?”
“Nothing i’m just thrilled to go” We flew to the top of the grand canyon. I dropped a penny, I wanted to know how deep it is before I start climbing this mountain. We waited for to minutes to hear the sound of the penny hitting the bottom. My foot  tapped at the speed of lightning. After waiting for 5 minutes to hear the sound of the penny hit the bottom, my advisor gave up waiting so we got back into my private jet and flew to the bottom of the canyon. We went at the speed of 250mph so it it only took us half an hour to reach the bottom.

I saw my family waiting for me in their carriages at the bottom. I hugged my parents. I cried my heart out knowing that this is the last time I would see my family, not making a sound. It felt as if my heart had a hole in it. Step by step my my heart grieved. I started climbing inch by inch foot by foot. When I got high enough I could see billions of people, they look smaller than specks of dust. I thought about my family. When I put my hand on the next rock it cut through my skin, gallons of blood bursted out of my skin. Why did I have to do this! I could've lied that I climbed the mountain! I climbed my hardest. I wiped my sweat with a piece of my shirt. At last I I  was close to the top, it’s been hour even days maybe. I grabbed on to the next rock. My heart was pumping hard. I was breathless. My slipped of the rock like butter, the rocks crumbled above me. My mind went blank, I was falling. I heard someone screaming, I realized I was the one who was screaming. I plummeted to the ground. I hit the rock hard ground. It felt like a knife stabbing through my bones, my mind drifted away and I fainted.

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