The Uninvited Guest

September 10, 2016
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My heart was pounding and my blood turned to ice,  he had seen a face and I’m not going to deny it.  he touched the window, it was cold as snow, even though it was the middle of spring.  he paced back and forth, sweating and clenching my fists.  he decided to call Mom and Dad. “Hi mom, this is Alex.”
         “Hi honey, how are you?” mom asked.
         “I’m fine Mom.”  I answered.
         “Is everything alright at home you sound worried?” mom asked.
I was worried,  I was hearing voices and seeing shadows. Suddenly the phone service gets cut off before I could reply.

         Do you believe in spirits or ghosts? Do you believe in the afterlife? If you said no, you’re wrong. There was a boy named Alex,  he never believed in those things until April 2, 2028 the day after he and his family moved into the mansion, which was also the last day of his life. Now it’s my duty to tell his story to warn others. The mansion was beautiful! Crystal stairs, glass chandeliers and light bulbs like diamonds. He went to explore each room in the mansion to find out which room should be his room. First was a game room, bathroom, pool, theater and a bunch of other rooms. The mansion was perfect! That night my dad got an emergency call that he and my mom had to fly to Australia tonight. Alex decided he didn’t want to go because  he didn't want to miss school, so  he was going to be left alone for a week.

         At 9pm  he went to bed.  he woke up at 1am because  he felt cold,  he noticed that the window was open.  he knew  he had closed it before  he slept.  he woke up at 6am the next day,  he was up all night thinking about how the window had gotten open,  he told myself that it was probably just the wind.  he poured himself some milk and sat down in the living room.  he turned on the television it started for a second but then turned off.  he tried again but this time it didn't even start, he tried one last time since three's a charm, but this time the screen turned gray and a voice spoke. “Beware human I will kill you! You will die within two days, beware!” Someone spoke in a ghostly whisper.
“Wow, is this an April fool’s joke or something?”  he questioned to himself. At first  he was confident that it was a joke, but then  he started to get a little panicky.  he used to read and watch horror books and movies but  he never used to believe in any of them, they were just fantasy right? “That’s right Alex, this is all your imagination, you just haven’t gotten any sleep from yesterday night,” Alex spoke to himself to calm himself down, but a tiny part of him still wasn’t quite convinced that it wasn’t real.

         All this thinking was making him hungry.  he walked into the kitchen when suddenly there was a black out, he couldn’t see anything the power had gone out. As  he walked a step ahead a sharp pain shot through my foot and it was uncontrollable. That's when the lights came back on. There was one thing  he couldn’t take my eyes off though, he stared ghastly at it thinking how it had happened. The whole kitchen floor was covered with blood.  he looked at his feet to find any cuts but it was a clean slate and the pain had gone as if had never been there. If nothing had happened how did all this blood come here? He stood without any effort and turned around to a mirror covered words with blood. Someone with terrible handwriting wrote “Don’t think you are safe yet. Your pain hasn’t even started”.

My head was spinning.  he didn’t know what was happening or what to do. I decide to call my parents. “Hi mom, this is Alex.”
         “Hi honey, how are you?” mom asked.
         “I’m fine Mom.”  he answered.
         “Is everything alright at home you sound worried?”  he was worried,  he was hearing voices and seeing shadows. Suddenly the phone service gets cut off before  he could reply.  he hear wind blow. BOOM! An exploding sound came from the basement.  he slowly walk over to the steps. The stairs were cold. Each time  he stepped on one it made eerie sound. The basement was pitch dark.

As  he crept down the stairs,  he felt a strong gush of wind hit him hard on my back.  he fell from the stairs and impacted hard on the metal floor,  he had never been in the basement before. A sharp pain shot up my knee,  he screamed, it felt as if  he had fallen on a bed of sharp nails.  he struggled, but  he finally stood up. “Ah at last you’ve come Alex,” said a ghostly voice.
           “What do you want from me, and who are you?”  he questioned.
“We are spirits. We’ve been haunting every resident who has ever moved here. Two thousand years ago my siblings and  he used to work here in this mansion as servants. Our master was always treating us ill and making us do illegal things to protect him on one a condition that he would always help us and protect us whenever we need it. One day a fire spread into the mansion. There was a rumor that the owner had started the fire but fled before it grew, he broke his promise. His intention was to kill us, no one knew why, and on that day we all died. The mansion was rebuilt 30 years later. Ever since that day we have wanted revenge!” spoke another voice.  he didn’t know what to do, on one hand, he didn’t want future residents to be scared, but, on the other hand,  he was scared.
“You know what, maybe he could just move or something,  he mean there are other possibilities to avoid this situation right?”  he thought to myself.
Then suddenly all the ghosts spoke at once “Wherever you go our spirit will always be attached to you. You can’t get rid of us. And if you don’t act now we will make you and your family suffer. You can run but you can’t hide” they warned as if they read his mind.
“Well you keep saying that you are going to make me suffer but I haven’t seen you do anything,”  he remarked.
“How about we a challenge, if you survive the rest of this day without any help we will leave this house and won't haunt another resident ever again,” The ghosts spoke.
“Deal”  he spoke.
Now that  he thought of it, these ghosts didn't seem that scary, they haven’t done anything, and Alex Vain wasn’t a person who gets scared easily. After a few hours  he had fallen asleep while watching a movie. When  he woke up the grandfather clock in the living room read 8:00pm. “Great now  he have to only survive 4 more hours, and  he can just go to bed early at 9pm,”  he thought to himself. As got up he looked up at the ceiling and noticed that the chandelier was getting closer and closer to him. It was falling on top of him! At the last second he leaped swiftly as the glass shards flew everywhere. Many glass shards hit me and  he was scratched all over.  he thought the ghosts were only going to try to scare me he didn't know that they would actually try to take his life! The only thing worse than getting killed, is the fear that you know you are going to get killed. He now knew what he had to do.

“Fine, if I let you take my life, will it end your thirst for revenge?” Alex asked the ghosts. Alex thought that this would be a brave decision, but it was worth the risk. The ghosts suddenly appeared out of thin air.
“Well, that's not as fun but I guess it's better than nothing,” said one ghost.
“Fine, we promise.” said another.

A week later there was a For Sale Sign in the Vain’s lawn. The Vains had moved out and were never to be heard of ever again, in fact there was no track of them ever existing. Ghosts can keep their promises, can’t they?!

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