Home Is With You

September 8, 2016
By AdriannaStoner BRONZE, Payson, Arizona
AdriannaStoner BRONZE, Payson, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
“You write beautifully. The inside of your mind must be a terrible place.”

Walk from the warmth that made her feel safe into the freezing cold. Air blowing her hair in every direction, seeing him feeling his warm hands on your freezing cheeks as he pulls you in closer for a kiss. The kiss, the one that made you feel fireworks going off in your head. Walking past those dark streets and alleys you used to walk home in alone, but now you have him. Someone who will protect you. You thought, snow crashing on your face and when you talk you can see your breath, you thought it was you breath. You feel him let go of your hand and that gets your attention when you see him on his knees, your smile is so big. Until you see the blood of the man you love dripping to the untouched white snow. His screams echoing covering your screams. He grabs your face with his bloody hands and kisses you one last time. It’s the color you see in your eyes when he won’t wake up.  The color of your lips when you whispered in his ear the first night together. The color of your dress the night he asked you out. The color you see when he’s gone. The color of your voice calling for help but no one is paying attention. Taken back to the memories of him laying you down on his bed, it’s the color of the sheets that is in between your fingers before he grabs your hands. The color of his cheeks when he tell you he loves you  for the first time. How his touch left you feeling that was unknown into the world.
    Home was only with him, colors of sadness blasted on the walls that once were covered in the memories of him dipping you onto the bed ever so softly. The time he picked you up and laid you down on his bed, how you can still feel his finger tips going up and down your back, holding you while you slept. All those memories now shattered and covered by the memory of him and his last minute alive. The blood paused in one spot as you knew he wasn’t coming back. Seeing the blood slowly drip off his hands onto the dress he loved on you. Your lips stained his lips with the last color he will ever see and the only color you will ever know.
   As the days go by the snow falls heavier on the ground. Hearing the crunch of the snow under your feet. One step….Two steps… Three steps… A single snowflake touch the lips that he once kissed. Taken back back to the night, one….Two….Three… Breath. The memory of the blood running down his body. Sounds of the gun shots ringing in your ears. The snow is falling heavier than it has this whole week, hearing a faded noise in the background not knowing where it is, when you hear the sound of people screaming. Telling you to hide. That’s when you see him, the man you love and you can’t believe it. You run to him and he catches you and kisses you.
“You have to go home.” He tells you.
“ Home is with you.”
A light, a bright light blinding you takes you back to the beeping. Its louder than before. The gasp for air before you realized it was you who was shot. It was you who wasn’t coming home. Red the color you both see. Tears going down his face, You looking at your lifeless body. Trying to touch him but you can’t reach him, he’s holding the only thing that will keep reminding him of you. The beautiful baby girl you both wanted, but now only one can have….

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