The Short Story of Kyra

September 5, 2016
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She smiled and looked at him, he was with her. The girl who had no taste in anything. Except men, well boys. Her name was Catheline queen of the school, well more like the queen of this prison.

        I'm Kyra I've been crushing on this boy since pre-k. I'm a realist, I'm supposed to know what's real amd fiction. Of course my ''relationship'' with him is definently fiction. Well or so I thought.

     My bestfriend told me a couple months later that he broke up with the evil witch- I mean Catheline. Now was my chance but like always as the weeks turned into months and months turned into years I never got the nerve to say or do anything to let him know.

So I'm pretty sure  now he's marrired to some blonde waitress that he fell in love with.

That pretty blonde waitress?
She's me.

Yup that's right he knew all along and I never had to say anything thought I wish that I had.

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today at 2:05 pm
@Hope4TheBest Great poem!
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