Misdeeds Never Go Unpunished

September 2, 2016
By NoviceWriter987 BRONZE, Queens, New York
NoviceWriter987 BRONZE, Queens, New York
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       The day was bright and sunny.  The father and son slowly walked out of the thick wooded area towards a cliff edge.  In front of them was a majestic landscape filled with valleys, streams, and wildlife.  As both were taking in the view, the father felt a coarse hand on his back.  His son said, “Thanks for coming with me Dad.  This has been one fantastic journey with an even better end result.”  As the father was going to reply he felt a strong shove.  Off he went over the edge of the cliff.  His son watched with a grin as his father fell miles below.
       On the day of the funeral, tears ran down everyone’s faces.  This even includes the son, Michael.  He wept continuously, looking to family and friends to act as comfort.  This showed how deceiving outward appearances can be.  On the inside, Michael was content.  He constantly tried to hold back a smile or even a slight grin.  His heart pounded with immense joy.  When he went up to see his father for the last time laying in a casket, Michael bent over.  He leaned in close to his father's ear making sure to turn his face away from the mourners.  With a clear smirk on his face, he whispered, “I have no regrets.”
       By the end of the month, Michael had a wide selection of shoes, clothes, cars, and houses in the tropics.  Days once spent doing research were now spent relaxing in the sun.  Days of critical thinking become days staring up at the bright blue sky and being enchanted by the puffy clouds.  Each and every day, Michael would walk up his golden staircase to reach his bedroom.  In his king sized bed, he would stare at his ivory furniture and his diamond chandelier.  Before going to bed, he would always read the piece of paper that sat on his bedside nightstand.
       This paper read, “Well, I guess this is it son.  If you are reading this, then I am no longer on this Earth.  I just want you to know that you are the reason why I woke up each morning.  Ever since your mom died, it was my mission to guide you to a successful future.  I know that I made you work a lot of the time, but it was to make you better.  It even made the fun times that we had together even more worthwhile.  Since I know that you are now ready, I am entrusting you with my millions.  I am sure that you will use the money well because I know that I taught you well.  I love you son and remember that I will always be by your side.”
       With this, Michael would be able to sleep soundly.
       Michael awoke and let out a loud yawn.  He jumped out of bed a seemingly frolicked down the stairs.  He turned the corner only to see his father sitting in one of the seats.  Michael's eyes widened and his face turned pale.  His father on the other hand had a face full of Colorado well as his favorite bright red Hawaiian shirt.  Michael saw a thin wave of light continuously eradicating from his father’s form.  Michael’s started off, “He… he...hello dad.  What are you doing on this fine evening?”  There was no response.  His father simply got out of the chair and began to boil some water.  Michael looked around only to realize that he was in his old home.  The walls were all painted a light blue color.  The inexpensive light fixtures hung from the ceiling.  A nearby window showed an expanse of land covered in bright green grass.  Suddenly, Michael’s father walked over to him and said, “I am so proud of you.”
       Michael took in a deep gasp of air as he woke up with a jolt.  He saw this dream as a random occurrence that should be taken lightly.  He got up to start his day of extravagance.  He got to the mall early in order to get there before the large crowd of people.  He had a checklist of items to pick up: clothes, an assortment of rings, cars, and art pieces.  As Michael was making each of his purchases, he heard a faint voice.  It was so quiet that the groups of words that were said came across as mumbling.  As Michael exited the mall, he felt his foot step on a fat a bulgy object.  He looked down only to see the rotting, pale corpse of his father.  Michael let out a loud scream that could be heard for miles.  Hundreds of people turned in his direction in shock.  Their shock surprisingly turned to confusion. Michael looked up from his father and let out yet another scream.  When he tilted his head back down, the body was gone.  Embarrassed, Michael sprinted over to his car.  He jumped into the driver's seat and turned on the engine.  As he was getting ready to hit the gas pedal, he looked up to yet again see his father.  Michael pressed down on the pedal with all his might and heard a “Clank” sound as he hit the figure. 
       The next day, Michael decided that going to his old house would be beneficial.  Hopefully this trip would help him separate his past from the present that he longed for.  When he reached the house, he saw that the outside of it had chipped paint and the surrounding grass was a crunchy, light brown.  The white colored porch was now a dusty gray.  When Michael traversed into the house, he immediately headed up the stairs to his father's study.  This room was exactly how his father left it.  Plaques scattered the walls denoting his father’s medical prowess.  The top of his desk was filled with pictures of him and Michael.  Michael picked up these pictures to reminisce: his 10th birthday party, his college going away party, carnivals, and vacations.  After this, Michael walked out the room and slowly pulled up the door.  He muttered to himself, “If only you had not made me work hard.”  Michael then ventured into his own room across the hall.  He opened the door to see framed certificates all around his wall.  These certificates noted both academic and athletic praise.  Michael looked at his walls with annoyance.  He slightly shook his head in disappointment as he looked at each frame.  After this, Michael simply went back downstairs to leave the house. 
       Over the course of the next month, Michael still kept seeing glimpses of his father as he went on with life.  He even occasionally heard his father's voice.  Out of sheer tiredness, Michael decided to return to the place where it all began, the cliff.  Michael stared out into the open area, capturing its beauty in his mind.  Suddenly, he heard a faint voice behind him, “You ungrateful, self-centered child.”  Michael suddenly felt compelled to move towards the edge of the cliff.  He ended up walking over the edge, but quickly grabbed on to the ledge without hesitation.  Michael glanced up to yet again see the figure of his father.  The figure was now fading in and out similar to a ghost.  Tears streamed down Michael's eyes.  His heart began to pound with such intensity that his entire chest filled with pain.  His hands soon began to feel numb causing him to slowly lose his grip.  The figure of his father then said, “Anything unworked is undeserved.” Michael let go of the edge of the cliff.  He saw the figure of his father completely fade out of existence a few seconds before finally losing consciousness.

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