The Pond

September 2, 2016
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Ribbit Frog sat on a log till the sun set. He made his way home, but ran into Rome, who loved the rabbits’ holes. The two friends walked on the pond and hopped over rocks to get to their leafy shelter. They sat on the pebbles and ate with Ms. Mebbles who was allergic to fish. Ribbit Frog and Rome ate their flies and told some lies, which Mebbles never learned. She got really bored and jumped in her ford, and went on the lily pads. As Ribbit and Rome went into their home, they had some dessert. They told some stories and shared their worries until they fell asleep. They left on time to see the sun rise and as the sun rose, they passed the hose, on their way to work. They passed the rabbits’ holes and approached the fence, where they entered with fear for what was near was as scary as scary can be. They worked all day and left on time to get to the pond by two for their crime. The night repeated, Ms. Mebbles returned and they went into their fern, where they counted their stolen jewels and tools behind the vines, because no one would noticed their evil crimes. Mebbles, Ribbit, and Rome were the thieves of the pond and distracted each other with their evening meals and happy times, when only they knew what their intentions lie. And as the sun rose, Ribbit, Mebbles, and Rome, went about their day as normal as possible because later that night, they were to have a festival. 

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