The Cold Coffee

September 2, 2016
By fia.21 BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
fia.21 BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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My alarm clock rang. I put on my fuzzy slippers and left the bedroom. Two feet, I reached the kitchen. I open the cupboard and poured the black substance into my cup. I opened the shutters, the sun came in, blazing my eyes. With a sigh, I stared at the landscape. The substance was bland but I took another sip. I set the cup down, almost hitting my porcelain doll. I opened my closet, grabbed a gray outfit and dressed myself.
I picked up my cup again and took another sip. Cold, I thought. At that moment the door rang.
“Hello?” I asked, opening the door.
There was a flyer. It read:
Open me and you will see that life can get better than this. With three wishes all your dreams will come alive. I’m magic, just repeat after me.
I thought I might give it a try and said the words.
“Turn back time, undo the clock. These three wishes are mine to make. Now’s the time for me to do my life the way that I have intended.”
I continued: “My first wish is to repeat today, but wake up being famous and rich and have everything my way.”
I fell and woke up. I was in a room, 10 times bigger than mine. As I opened the curtains once again, cameras flashed, blinding me instead of the sun. It worked! I jumped for joy, as my new butler came in with breakfast. My coffee was hot! I told him that I disliked the sheets from last night and he replied, “I will change that now, miss.” Ecstatic, I made another wish. Now I was the in charge of the United States. As I was thinking of what to do, an old woman came in. She said:
“I see you are enjoying your wishes. In exchange for the power I have created for you, give me 300 pieces of gold.”
“NO! Leave now! It’s mine!” I screamed.
“Alright. But be aware if you don’t deliver what I want, all this will disappear by twelve.”
She left suddenly and I thought she was joking. I went about my day as normal as possible. The paparazzi bothered me too much, so I made my final wish.
“I wish to disappear into a place where people will remember me but not come any day.”
There was a flash. I woke up in a circular room. The ceiling was clear until an object appeared.
The lady from before appeared with a cackle, “See what happens when you’re not careful? Now you are trapped in this mirror forever!”
“Help!” I screamed.
She left with a bang and as my house walls disappeared, the air became thin. I realized my life was perfect before, in my small apartment on the third floor. But it was too late. The mirror was vanishing, me with it. And at that moment, the coffee turned cold.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece becuase I have always been a fan of the moral of being careful what you wish for. I hope that people learn that more is not always better from my piece.

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