Jerry and Jackie

August 29, 2016
By HarliBeerman BRONZE, Lakeland , Florida
HarliBeerman BRONZE, Lakeland , Florida
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Jerry and Jacqueline have been neighbors and best friends since before they can remember.  They have always attended the same school and were in the same class.  Every morning they would leave their houses together and walk to school.  They are inseparable.  Wherever you see one, you see the other.  Always having lunch together, going to the arcade after school together, and always helping each other with their homework.  One of their favorite things to do when they were young was to race each other to the top of the steep hill in their back yard.  They became such good friends that they could communicate simply with facial expressions.  Growing up, one of their favorite things to do was to throw a baseball back and forth.  Their first year of high school, they both joined the baseball team.  Everyone always said that Jackie was just a girl and she could never throw, that was until she struck out every player on her team during the first day of practice.  No one could ever catch one of Jackie’s pitches, but because she and Jerry had grown up playing ball, he could catch all of her pitches with ease so he became the team catcher.  Everyone was so amazed how effortlessly he caught all of her pitches from fast balls, knuckle balls, curve balls, sliders, and slow pitches.  They soon became the star players on their team.  They made the best team, he always knew what she was going to throw.  They didn’t need hand signals like other pitchers and catchers, they could communicate by their facial expressions what pitch is coming next.  They both got scholarships to University of Florida for baseball.  They were so excited to go to college together.   The day before high school graduation, they were throwing the ball in their back yard, back and forth and Jackie let go of the ball too soon and sent it flying up, up, up, all the way to the top of the hill.  They both looked up to the hill and then back at each other.  Jerry then said, “Race you to the top, for old time’s sake, of course”.  Jackie rolled her eyes and sarcastically said, “Of course”.  They both paused for a second, and then sprinted up the side of the steep hill racing as fast as they could trying to beat each other.  Jerry tripped on a rock which sent him tumbling down, breaking his crown.  When Jackie reached the top of the hill, she gave out a triumphant cheer as she grasped the baseball expecting Jerry to be right behind her pouting.  She turned around to rub it in his face but she did not see him.  So she walked over to the edge of the hill and saw Jack laying at the bottom unconscious.  She was mortified as she screamed, “Jerry!”  She quickly ran down the hill but tripped on a root on the way down sending her tumbling down, breaking her crown.  Neither of them woke up in the morning.  Best friends forever, now they lay next to each other in their graves for all eternity.  Their shared headstone reads, Jerry and Jackie went up the hill to fetch a base-ball, Jerry fell down and broke his crown and Jackie came tumbling after.

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