Something Big

August 28, 2016
By michelledunn BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
michelledunn BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
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I don’t know why I’m creating this silk-like material, but I do know it’s for something big. I have surrounded myself in my creation and I’m finding a comfortable position to stay in for a while. I feel like it’s important to find just the right spot. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I do know it’s because of something big.
While I’m here, I think of my life so far. I think of everything I’ve seen and all the things I’ve done. My life has been everything I could ever imagine, and still, something great is going to come. I don’t know what it is, but I do know that it’s something big.
The day has been long and now I’m getting quiet tired. I plan to take a rest now. I’m not sure when ill wake up again, but when I do, I know something will be different. I’m not sure how I know, and I’m not sure what will change, but I do know it will be something big.
Waking now, I notice a change in the weather. Its not like it was when I fell asleep. The wind is no longer cold. Ice crystals no longer fall from the sky and flowers are in full bloom. Was this that “something big” that was going to happen?
Even my silk creation was tighter than I remembered it to be. A tad squished and uncomfortable now, ive decided it would be best to get out from the inside of my silk. Doing so is a lot harder than I imagined. Things seemed to be in the way that weren’t there before.
My silk creation is half way off of me now and I’ve realized something quite shocking. I’m sprouting wings! Before I was just a slimy inch of goo with eyes. Now I have orange and black wings attached to a beautifully designed body. It has to be the reason I made my silk creation in the first place. I knew something was going to happen. I never expected it to be this big!

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