The Escape Plan

August 28, 2016

Ok, I think they’re gone. Everyone, gather around. Now, in order for this to work we cannot mess up. Yes, I’m looking at you Dame. So we all know the people normally come in the afternoon. Usually they unlock the door, open it, and walk inside. This means we only have a small window of opportunity to escape. As the people are opening the door, everyone is going to run as fast as we can towards them. Now this is the hard part. Do not let them get you. If you are caught you will be stuck here once again. Imagine sleeping on this dirt and getting wet every time it rains. We do not want that. This is why it is so crucial that you do not let them get in the way of your happiness and freedom.
Ok everybody; do not forget what I told you. Do not get caught and fly as fast ac you can across the field. Any minute now the people should be here. Wait-hush, I can hear the coop door opening. On a count of three. 1…2…2 ½…3 GO!

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