August 26, 2016
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    My number one priority for you is that you understand her. It's not for your sake or hers but mine. She does not openly desire to be understood. She does not secretly wish for it. If I am God then what they say is a lie. I do not love all of my children equally I only love her. I've stopped listening to the thoughts the world has and I do not watch over it. I only listen for her voice and I have the privilege to be the only one who can hear it.

    Now in her third year of high school she does not concern herself with social acceptance. She hardly concerns herself with anything at all, including her health. Only eating when she can no longer function without food and not minding the  physical exhaustion and constant shortness of breath, she gives off a vibe of nonchalant casualness. She is the type of person you can comfortably sit silently with..not that you have a choice if you want to be around her, and a surprising amount of boys do. She is a good five foot six and delicately thin (what seems to be in these days) due to her carelessness. Her skin is coppery brown and her soft white hair is shocking and beautiful in contrast. Her eyes, unimpressed by what is being offered, always have slight bags under them and juxtapose her soft lips that decievingly take the form of a slight smile. Yet these odd characteristics make her all the more attractive and a magnet for poor boys who could never interest her. The only thing she loves is writing and the only thing she hates is sharing it with others. She writes letters to strangers but they spend their days in a box underneath her dresser, never meeting their muse. Her name is Apollo but she signs Apollogies. She isn't afraid of anything because she doesn't care what happens anymore. When she walks she goes wherever she wants to go even if she shouldn't, which could get her killed eventually.

   Her hair turned completely white from shock and fear that night but when she woke the next day she refused to dye it because she decided that it would be best to let it define her. She doesn't speak aloud because she realized that no one could relate and nothing was worth saying. She doesn't speak but people say they know her voice. They over analyze and annotate everything she does like any classical book that did nothing more than exist.

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