August 21, 2016
By Mimisorfina SILVER, Will Yah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Other
Mimisorfina SILVER, Will Yah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Other
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As the sayings goes paper is like trust,once it's crumpled it can never be perfect again. Same goes with my situation. Hi,my name’s Blair, head cheerleader,straight A student with a wonderful boyfriend Ryder and daughter of the man who owns a big company in this city. I would say my life is perfect but nothing is perfect in this black and white world.My dad owns a travelling agency and is rolling in money. Not to mention my mother,who is a worldwide fashion designer. Even though they are busy with their own problems, they would always find time to spend with me.Being the daughter of a millionaire do have its perks. I get designer clothing and designer fragrances for half price. Also,having a swarm of admirers and loyal friends that have my back whenever I needed them sums up my life completely. Alas,like I said before,nothing is perfect so here's the real story. The story how I met my biological father.

   I woke up to my alarm clock blaring the newest song. Groggily, I woke up and headed to my marble and glass bathroom,complete with a jacuzzi, a large porcelain bath tub with lights and bath jets,a shower and a toilet. After taking a quick shower,realising that I only have 40 minutes to get ready, take a breakfast and go to school. Walking in my walk-in enormous closet, I chose a black skater skirt along with a black muscle tee that says ‘SAVAGE’ in gold. After doing my light makeup which consist of a quick swipe of mascara on each eyelashes and lip gloss I dashed downstairs to have breakfast. My cook, Barbara cooks the best English breakfast. Chugging down my glass of orange juice,I slipped on my silver dr.martens and slinging my bag over my shoulder I slid in my Mercedes Benz AMG.S , the newest model and drove to my school. I chose not to go to a private school because that requires a proper uniform. Besides, all my friends are in the public school right around the corner. Slipping on my sunglasses I stepped out my car and saw a few teenage boys gawking at my car. Chuckling to myself , I walked in and went to my locker where I met my best friends, Allie and Ashton. They grinned at the sight of my and waved. Allie had brown curls and so do Ashton. Yes they are twins. Meanwhile I had auburn luscious locks that seem golden under light. We went to class and after four agonising periods I can finally taste the sweet freedom,lunch. Our cafeteria sucks and so I decided why not ditch school and have lunch somewhere else. Dragging the twins in my car, I drove towards the nearest mall and parked.




   I can feel eyes glaring through the back of my head. Looking back I saw a man within the shadows. “Creep” I muttered under my breath. Choosing a restaurant we had lunch and went shopping and ice cream. Realising we had spend more than four hours there, I drove them back to their houses and drove back to my own. Calling Ryder, I stepped inside my living room and sat on the couch. Turning on the flat screen, I chose the newest season of Teen Wolf. The actors can never fail me with the six packs they own.Drool. Ryder says that he's coming over. True to his words, a loud horn sounded outside. Opening the door, Ryder steps in and held my waist and kissed my forehead,hugging me tightly. ‘ I haven't talk to you much today sweetheart. How are you?” “ Fine as always but better now you're here” I answered. Ryder grinned at my answer and hugged me tighter and let go. ‘Wanna watch a movie?’ I asked. ‘Hell yeah. Let's watch one of your sappy chick flicks since you love them so much and I love spoiling my lovely girlfriend’ I chuckled on his answer and slapped his head playfully. After watching The Notebook and several other chick flicks, the sun has slipped and Ryder went back home after giving me a quick peck on the lips.

   I went to sleep wearing my Nike shorts and a large black shirt I found. The eyes returned. I felt goosebumps rise on my skin. Ignoring the eyes, I plugged my phone to the charger and put on my sleeping playlist on the speaker. I dreamt that I was abducted by a man. I woke up screaming for my parents. They never came.Realisation hit me. They went on a honeymoon to celebrate their anniversary at The Bahamas. Smashing sounds were heard downstairs. Something hit the back of my head and I saw a silhouette. That was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

I woke up to a familiar voice humming my all time favourite song which is Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. The smell of toast and chocolate filled my nostrils as I took a deep breath. Taking a look at my surroundings, I know that I'm in a modern house. Maybe a lake house since outside the window I can see a canary chirping happily on a branch. ‘Where the hell am I?’ I thought. This place feels so familiar but I can't point my finger to it. I'm laying on a plush king sized bed with a comforter on me. I'm still wearing last night’s pyjamas. Suddenly the door creaked. Quickly, I pretended to be asleep. Snoring a bit to make it more believable. Through my squinted eyes I can see a middle aged man, around thirty six walking towards me. He pushed a stray lock on my head lovingly. ‘What is he doing?! Is he a pedophile? I'm screwed. Can't I be kidnapped by a hot hunk or something?’
He then kissed my forehead and whispered something in my ears. I can't really make out what he was saying but I think I heard he said ‘ Welcome home dearest daughter’. As soon as he left the room, I jumped up and sat on the quite comfortable bed and stared at the wall beside me. ‘ what is he talking about? He kidnapped me and said that I'm his daughter? He sure is out of his mind. Daddy must be searching for me- wait,he’s on a honeymoon trip and we’re on school holidays. I think my friends would notice that I'm not at home.’ Instead of finding a way to escape, I walked out the door, which was surprisingly wasn't locked and through the hallways. I felt a pang in my heart. I’ve been here before. My head hurts from  all the memories that hit me like a truck.

There I was, in my mother’s arm giggling happily. ‘ Blair labs mummy’ ‘mummy loves you too you little squirt’  I fell down clutching my head trying to stop me from seeing two. ‘You can't catch me,you can't catch me!’ A little girl in pigtails with a pink princess dress cried while running. Tripping on her feet, her mummy and daddy rushes to her. ‘Where does it hurt honey?’ ‘Does she need to go to the hospital? Oh my god I'm panicking. Honey should I call the police and sue the grass for tripping our baby?’ ‘Don't be ridiculous Adam.’ Her voice full of authority.’Let me see it Blair, I'll heal it.’ I heard a faint voice calling me. ‘Blair? Are you okay?’ A familiar voice sounded. The same voice as the man in my flashbacks. Walking down the spiralling staircase, I saw a man with a very concerned face looking at me.

   ‘Who are you?’ Was the first thing that slipped out of my mouth as soon as I saw him. ‘Soon dear soon you will know.’ He spoke delicately and the word rolled off his tongue as if he had practiced that line for years. ‘You hungry? I made you favourite, toast and Nutella’ ‘How did he know that those are my favourite breakfast?’ I thought to myself. Does he stalk me? Did he- My thoughts were cut off by the man’s voice. ‘ I don't do stalking sweetheart.’ What? He can read minds? ‘I see you still can't handle you thoughts very well. You spoke it out loud darling’ ‘Owh.’ A gazillion questions filled my dainty little head. ‘Why am I here?’ ‘As I said earlier, soon little one’ I sat down on the seats by the kitchen island and took a bite from the toast in front of me. Staring at him, I found him very similar to the man in my flashbacks recently. The same brown locks, bright electric blue eyes that twinkled, a never ending smile and a dimples on the left cheek. Same,but an older version of him. ‘You look familiar you know.’ The man in front of me stiffens up suddenly and turned to face me with tears eyes. The smile fades a bit. He smiled through the hurt that blinded him.

   At night, I slept in the room that I woke up to. Wearing the same shorts I pulled out a drawer and to my delight I found an old band t-shirt, Green Day. I'll get my answers tomorrow. The next morning,I was woken up to my kidnapper who I still don't know what's his name shaking me lightly. ‘C’mon Blair,wake up. I want to tell you something.’ With those words,I woke up and immediately faced him. He led me downstairs to the living room in front of the flat screen television that he owns. Pictures of a family of three. The father is smiling widely,the mother is looking down at their daughter will full of love and adoration. The daughter which somehow looks somewhat like me. I turned to see the man looking at the photo eyes sorrowful. ‘ I think-‘ he gulps. ‘I think it's time for you to know the truth.’ Finally. I thought.



‘ I'm your biological father.’ He confesses. ‘What?!’ I exclaimed. That explains why I look nothing like my parents. Or rather my ‘fake parents’, I thought. I kept my face stone cold and replied ‘there is no way that you are my father you faker. Tell me the truth now.’ He took a deep breath and started the long agonizing story on how he is my biological father. ‘ You were our angel, our sunshine. You never failed to bring a smile on anybody who sets eyes on you. With your deep blue eyes,twinkling with this mysterious gleam, you liked to twirl around in your pretty princess gown that you got for your third birthday. One day when we were at  fair, this couple took you away from us. We tried everything in our power to get you back but we can't. We never found you. Your mother cracked. She lost her only source of happiness. A month later she was diagnosed depressed. She committed suicide a year later, leaving me alone searching for you. That's when I found you. You were took from us since you were 4 years old. You barely have any memory of us. I don't blame you. So here you are, in front of me.’ My head is spinning. I can't believe those two person took me away from my real parents. Red blinding me. Fury fills me up completely.’ I can't believe those two imbeciles lied to me for the thirteen years!’ I exclaimed. My biological father, standing in front of me, whose name I learnt is Adam is smiling widely from ear to ear. He hugged me tightly and kissed the top of my head lovingly as a father. A traitorous tear slipped out of my eye and he wiped the tear away.

I woke up feeling content after my father’s confession last night. Today, I ambling to confront those so called parents. Driving the car that my father owns back to my mansion- my bad, those kidnappers mansion. Arriving there, I barged in and saw Martin and Rachel having a glass of champagne. ‘ Blair! Where were you these past days? We tried calling you but your phone is upstairs.’ Rachel said. Fisting my hand furiously, ‘ Who am I?’ I asked. That question surely knocked them a bit. Opening their mouths but no words  are coming out. ‘ Cat got your tongue?’ I asked. They looked guilty but I know they felt nothing under that loving parent façade. My eyes got watery as I thought back on how I was spoiled by Martin and Rachel. I went upstairs and took my phone,charger and a bag of my clothes. I rushed out despite their shouts and sprinted towards the car. I can feel another piece of my memory coming back. Tears pierced my eyes as the painful flashback starts.

   I was there,by the cotton candy machine,giggling with daddy and mummy as they make funny faces. They was a commotion behind them and so they looked back. The moment they turned to faced me, I was took by my arm and dragged towards a car. I blacked out. Violent sobs escaped my mouth as I thought on how I wasted thirteen years with some kidnappers who I thought were my parents.

  As I said before,nothing is perfect therefore here is my sad tale. I broke up with Ryder claiming I needed a new start. I went back living with my father by the lake house. Currently, I am pursuing my dreams in writing. I never trusted anyone that easily again after my drama.

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